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editor's note:

* Oudoor: 'Crete / Mashed potatoes
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Need some gravy...

...for those lumpy walls!

This is a good example of the difference between the *designer* and the *contractor*. The Eagle skatepark design - in this case from Purkiss Rose [714.871.3638] - is pretty good. The park needs coping, and one of the rails is totally outta control, but this park looks like it'd be a fun one w/ flow-flow-flow - we like that!

The contractor [if you want to know who NOT to use, email me], on the other hand, should have his ass kicked for the butcher job he did on this park. Take a look at the pics below. The boxes, etc., look good, but anything that had to be "hand trowed" is completely ruined. You see all those shadows on the walls? Those are lumps... Lumps in walls can really mess w/ your balance, speed, etc. Honestly, he completely wasted the community's $$$. All the reports from Boise and beyond were to "go ride the ledges, but the walls are jacked!" I have to assume this joker was a low-bid winner, 'cause he couldn't have possibly been selected for his "experience."

We finally got around to doing this review because we've had a ton of submissions lately. Big thanks to James Johnston and punk rocker Zach Nalder [his band is called O.D.S.] for many of the pics below. Both of them included positive comments about the park... maybe it's not as bad as it seems. But with several hundred parks under my belt, I've never seen walls that butt ugly... positive comments or not!

If you're ready for a little drive, you've got nearby parks waiting for you in Boise. We can recommend Lucky88 and Fort Boise. There's another decent park near Lucky called Rhodes skatepark [pics someday...]. You may also hear a little about the park in Caldwell, but as of summer of '00 it was extremely ghetto and not worth trying to find.

Directions: "I wanted to send a correction for the directions to Eagle skatepark...they suck!" - Frustrated Mother, Sep '01. "From Boise take Highway 20 north. Turn right [North] onto Horseshoe Bend Rd [Old Highway 55]. Follow this road all the way until you reach Glenbrook St. The skatepark is on your right."

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Mashed potatoes for everyone
at Eagle skatepark

^ Cross park view
submitted by Mr

^ Fun box action
in the flat bottom

^ BS boardslide by
Zack Nadler
[Photo by Zac's
cousin Mark Laney]

^ Good shot of the spine
submitted by Mr Nads -
reminds me of the spine
at Flagstaff, AZ

^ Nice butt-grab!
Also submitted by

^ Ha ha ha! Soap
styles submitted
by James. "Extreme
athlete" on this one
is Jason.

^ "Solid backside" was
the caption on this
one from James

^ Bowled corner and
rare section of

^ Good ledges... I
don't know about
that one fun box

^ This is the good
stuff - basically
anything but the

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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