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editor's note:
Hailey Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Fullpipe / Trannie
* Rating: Over the Rainbow

The following review of the new skatepark in Hailey ID, comes to you courtesy of Adam Longnecker, and features the photography of Jeff Ament. Thanks, fellas!

"Hailey is a sedate community of about 4,500 hard-working folks, located in the central part of the state near Sun Valley and Ketchum. Towns like this, near ski resorts, often have an open minded population striving to hook up their kids with amazing opportunities - such as this creation from Dreamland Skatepark [503.577.5929], quite possibly their best park yet."

"The fullpipe is set up so that after a grind/air on the opposing 13-14 ft quarterpipe, you can pump OVER the top of pipe - if you have the nuts! Other features within the park include a 14 ft pocket at the end of a capsule, a 9 ft round hip, and a Burnside-like extension with a flat wall backing it up for a fun as hell air spot."

"Whatever you do in 2003, be sure to add Hailey to your road trip plans."

- Adam Longnecker: Nov 2002

Directions: Hailey ID is located off highway 75 on your way to Ketchum. The skatepark, like the town, is located right off highway 75!

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ A hungry concrete grave awaits your eager
soul in Hailey ID... this shot, by the way,
is only HALF of the park! [Photo: Jeff Ament]

^ Adam Longnecker here,
just like a late night
session at the laundry
mat... gettin' rolled at
about 10:30!!!
[Photo: Jeff Ament]

^ Yes, you can roll OVER
that thing... gnarly! For
more nutty Dreamland
madness, peep Brookings
OR. This is NOT your
average skatepark crew!!!
[Photo: Jeff Ament]

^ "Smooth and fast lines, combined with
13 ft walls and a 16 ft pipe inspires good
skaters to dub this the Iron Man park."
[Comments: Adam Longnecker -
Photo: Jeff Ament]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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