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editor's note:

* Outdoor: 'Crete, Asphalt + Masonite
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Spread a little too thin

Ketchum is in south central Idaho, about 50 miles north of Twin Falls and the I-84. It's a hella nice town, known for its fly fishing and snow sports in the winter [it's just a few miles from Sun Valley, ID].

Talking w/ some of the local kids, we hear that this park has a little over $10k a year to spend on improvements/maintenance - that's not much. The park is "semi-portable" and is put away every year for the winter, with additions each year based on the budget. There are a lot of varied obstacles to skate, and it rides pretty nice.

We do have three small criticisms to keep in mind: 1.) The surface is pretty rough, which would be less of a problem except that, 2.) The ramps are too far apart. This is a classic error in skatepark design that is worth mentioning. They have lots of space, so they spread everything out. The problem is the stuff is pretty big and you have trouble building up/maintaining your speed from one ramp to another. It's okay to leave some empty space until you can fill it up w/ more stuff, and in the mean time, pull this stuff together so the kids can get their floooooowww on. That leads us to our last gripe, 3.) the bowl is too wide... it's plenty big enough, but you can barely keep your speed from one wall to the other. Other than those points, the park is great.

For some more great Idaho skating, head up to Boise. Lucky88 and Fort Boise are both good rides waiting to be had. Go get some.

Directions: From Twin Falls take the 84 to the 93 to the 75 north. From there it's a straight shot, about 50 miles total, through Hailey [which also has a park...] to Ketchum. Once you're in Ketchum, Highway 75 becomes Main St. Take Main to Warm Springs Rd and turn west/left. The park is about 1/2 mi. west of main at the corner of Warm Springs Rd and Saddle.

...scroll down for pics

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^ Random, big ole' "Xgames"
style combi-box in a little
town called Ketchum

^ The bowl is about
8-9 ft deep and a
a little too wide

^ Karl Fostvedt
doing what he calls
a "pole stomp"

^ Sketchy but still
fun, some mini-ramp

^ Temporary ramps
and permanent walls
in the background

^ Nice qtrs with a
chance to air from
one to the other

^ Karl with a
big front flip

^ Matt Sherwood
submitted this
shot of himself
on the kill box

^ Fun box/spine combo

^ Wide view of
most of the park

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