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editor's note:
Deerfield Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Like a deer in your headlights...

Ehhhh... Deerfield skatepark ain't no big thing.

Designed by the same crew that slaughtered Barnum in Chicago, and the concrete park in Hoffman Estates, I'm guessing these guys are a landscape architect group, with relatively little experience riding boards. As evidence of that assumption, we need only point to their design - which sucks. Compounded by a pretty clueless contractor [might be the same group], this park was nearly ruined. Another road kill skatepark, dead and bleeding on the side of the road.

The bowl is overly simple, too wide, and the coping is actually below the concrete - a miserable execution. The funbox is so steep it might as well be a wall ride. To top it all off, whoever actually did the concrete work left trough marks so deep you could get lost in them. They also butchered the walls on the bowl - typical mashed potato routine. Shame on these guys - the builder AND the designer - for stealing Deerfield's budget! Shame on Deerfield for not shopping around!!!

On the upside, there are three things about this park that might be worth skating. The bowl - which is useless on its own - has a good flyout line [basically a kicker that'll boost you up in the air pretty good]. I also like the concrete "slider" - but how do you mess up a curb?!? Lastly, any skatepark is a good place to meet other skaters and just kick it. Granted, the Deerfield police department is right next door... like I said, not much to like about this place.

For a great recommendation in this part of Illinois, go ride Triple R skatepark in Mundeline. It's a great indoor, wooden, pay park. We'll have that review up soon [summer of 2002], but for now, here's their phone number: 847-549-9950.

Directions: From Chicago, head north on the 90/94. At the split, stay on the 94 north toward Wisconsin. Just after one of the tolls, exit Deerfield Rd [it might be called something else if you're coming from the north!] and head east. Just before downtown Deerfield, you'll cross Chestnut and make a left [north] on Waverly Ct [opposite Wallgreens] towards a big park. You'll then make a right on Jewitt, which snakes around toward the police Station. You can park in the police lot, and the skatepark is just below by the baseball fields.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Like a concrete pock mark,
Deerfield skatepark
is a blight on the neighborhood...

^ Purty park and a
purty boardslide down
the kink...

^ Oh this thing
sucks! I'm not
even sure your nose
would clear if you
rolled down this thing.
An ankle-breaking piece
of shit...

^ Local Josh Schultz
strikes a pose - but
he ain't no poser!

^ Chunked up and
ground down, but
this bench is there
if you're into it.

^ Damn... that's
terrible. No
skateboarder would
leave trough marks
in a park. Get skate/
design teams to do
your park or it'll
look like this!

^ This looks fun
in a "no big deal"
kinda way... It's
also an evil twin
of the slider in
Santa Rosa CA.

^ When I was filing this
shot away I labeled it
"shit cope..." - 'nuf said!
It's actually BELOW the
concrete!!! That's pretty bad.

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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