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editor's note:
Hoffman Estates Skateparks

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free [???]
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Low-budget lockout

Late on a Saturday night - after suffering thru the worst directions I've ever been given - I rolled up on a tame little suburban skate zone at Hoffman Estates.

I was real hungry, it was almost dark, I was staying hours away in Millwaukee that night, but I wanted to score some proof this little park existed [I had already been told it didn't]. The only thing between me and glory in Illinois was a little green fence, so I hopped it and went to work!

It did occur to me, not only is this park not worth breaking into, but it's also the kind of "neighborhood watch" kinda place where some Boy Scout would have the sheriff's posse on my tail in like 2 seconds. Another baaaaaaaad kid from CA, looking for trouble with a 35mm. See that? Cameras don't make kids criminals - fences do! It's a waste of time and already scarce skatepark funds to build fences to guard concrete - Barnham in Chicago doesn't bother, why should the little park in Hoffman?

Anyway, there's another "skatepark" nearby called Scraps - also in Hoffman Estates - but it's not really built for boards [bike park]. To the northeast is WARP - that's a good park with a good attitude! Heading west, there's an okay park in Des Plaines at a YMCA, a nearly worthless park in Deerfield, and then the bigger, but f-ed up Barnham in Chicago. North of Chicago in Mundelein you'll find Triple R - which is also a good park!

Direction: From Chicago, you'll head west on interstate 90. When the 94 splits off, continue on 90 heading west. Pass the 290, and Roselle, then exit north on Barrington Rd [north side of the highway]. Continue north, cross Mundhank, then make a right [east] on Algonquin. A few blocks down the road, make a left on Lexington into a little public park. My notes say you can see a "brightly colored playground" from Algonquin. If you hit Winston or Ela Rd, you've gone too far.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Here's the wide view of the concrete
lines at the Hoffman Estates
skatepark. Notice the World's worst
bowl design in the foreground. Its
basically a round mini ramp, but at least
you can launch out onto the street course.

^ This is a typical
double-hubba fun
box, but notice the
kicker-style sides
instead of flat
banks. That's a
more exciting
solution, for shizi!

^ Another view

^ Here's a ledge
line leading up
to that box

^ Again, typical spine design, but this
builder/designer has a different take on
the design of the ends of the spine...
they're usually all rounded off like this
from Metro skatepark in Vegas.

^ Pier 7 style manual pad.
Another odd technique this builder uses,
are the metal-edged corners in this design.
Typical parks use square coping on the edges,
this guy buries some metal into the concrete.
I didn't ride this one, so I can't really say
what works better...

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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