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editor's note:
Overland Park Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Who's down w/ O-P-P!

Under the caption "Home turf for the 913 set," Thrasher recently ran a sequence from Overland Park skatepark. It had Dave Hupp doing a bs 5-oh to fakie on a 2ft trannie wall. They went on to say that Overland Park was "childhood home to Darren Navarette and Jimmy Moore." Nice Thrasher props, huh?!?

"I live right by a great lil' park in Overland Park, Kansas - some people call it the 'O-P-P'."

"It is concrete, and has a large quarter pipe, a launch ramp, and a supa' fun spine that is easy to transfer. It has lotsa places to grind. It also has a rail that goes from high to low that all the kids love. The ledges have coping on 'em... The park has funny reddish-colored concrete. It's free, and it doesn't require any pads or junk. Lights are going up this summer - it'll be great."

"Yes, Kansas has skaters."

- Andy Kowalski: Mar '02

Directions: Overland Park is about 15 miles south of Kansas City. From Kansas City, take Interstate 35 south to Highway 69 south. Exit onto Highway 169 [135th Street], and head west. Make a left [south] onto Switzer Road. The skatepark is on the right in Overland Community Park.

...scroll down for pics

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^ Overland Park, Kansas.
"Some lil' kids took the
pics for me." [Submission/
Comments: Andy Kowalski]

^ Wide shot...[Submission:
Andy Kowalski]

^ Backside tweaker
Andy Kowalski]

^ Early grab
Andy Kowalski]

^ Method air
Andy Kowalski]

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