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editor's note:
Louisville Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Beyond-vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Slug this, Louisville!

Here are some reports on the insanity that is Louisville skatepark - a Wormhoudt production [831.426.8424]:

"Thought you might want to know about this - 'Long-delayed work begins on Louisville skating park - Extreme sports site millions over budget.'"

- Marsha: Dec '01

"FYI - The Louisville skatepark is scheduled to open on April 5th. The guys from Hardcore Shotcrete did all the transitions - which came out perfect. It's definitely the best park that I have ever been a part of."

- Zach Wormhoudt: Mar '02 [park designer!]

"Just got back from Louisville Kentucky and rode what is perhaps one of the best skateparks I have ridden in 15 plus years. 24 foot fullpipe that empties one side into a 11 foot round bowl and the other into an 11 foot 'crete halfpipe. That's just the start of it! You want to skate something that will get your pulse rate up, pack up and head to Kentucky!"

- Buddy Carr: Apr '02

Poaching heavily from an article by Sheldon S. Shafer [The Courier-Journal], this baby was supposed to be $350k, and is currently over budget to the tune of $2.5 million bucks... day-am! Apparently the whole X-games/B3 deal has Mayor Dave Armstrong "drinkin' Mountain Dew" these days... he's all "extremed out!" Whatever. As long as they're building parks, who cares why!

The park is open every day and has lights [yes!]. It's free to ride and they're not that worried about getting sued, 'cause they're 1.] not from California and 2.] they're protected by a state law [CA is too, but we're too dumb to act like we know it]. As if that wasn't cool enough, construction of phase 2 [an indoor park] is set to begin by fall of 2003 - they're supposed to spend another $1 million smackers on that piece - shiiiiit.

Directions: In Louisville, take Interstate 64 to exit 8. Turn onto Grinstead Drive, heading south. Make a right [west] onto Lexington Road. Breslin Park is at the intersection of Lexington Road and Payne Street.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Doh [!] - rumored to be bigger
than the state of Rhode Island,
Louisville skatepark! [Photo: Brian]

^ Good lord... that's not
your average skate project.
[Submission: Zack Wormhoudt]

^ "Here's some cool photos
SALBA sent me." [Submission:
Jerry Nolan - Rider: Salba]

^ Waaaaay over-vert on
this one... [Submission:
Jerry Nolan - Rider: Salba]

^ Good lord! [Submission: Jerry
Nolan - Rider: Salba]

^ More than just a wannabe
Badlands, this beast
has the technicals, too... how's this
for a manual pad? [Photo: Brian]

^ Look at that alien mothership,
just chillin' in the background.
That thing is scary looking...
[Photo: Brian]

^ What? [Photo: Brian]

^ How'd you like to finish a
solid day of real labor, only to
slap on a set of pads and rip up
what you poured... you'd be proud
if you built this thing, real proud.
[Submission: Zack Wormhoudt]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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