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editor's note:
Andover Skatepark

* Outdoor: Wood / Asphalt
* $5 per day [non-local rate]
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Bend over [ha!]

Located adjacent to the local high school, Andover skatepark is what I'd call "the best of the old." What I mean by that, is that it's a hell of lot of better than the typical McPark, but it doesn't really compare to the new bangers that are coming together in the New England states.

"Hey. Since you're going to New England, there is a few fat parks in Mass. We've got the Medford park, as well as Andover. Andover is so fat."

Chris Edwards: Jul '01

This park looks pretty good, but suffers from over-regulation and a few other problemos. The ramps are too far apart [just 'cause you have a lot of space, doesn't mean to you have to use it all - think of the FLOW!]. The asphalt sucks, but it's rideable. I think you're looking at another "waiver" park [call first - 978.273.4851 - but you'll probably have to bring your mommy if you're under 18]... damn I hate waivers. They've also got a big locked gate to make sure you can't skate when they're closed [every morning and all day on Mondays]. Stupid fences!!! Just unlock the gate and walk away - let us skate!!!

Other New England parks worth riding - here goes! Nearby you've got a fun, hassle free session on a miniramp in Burlington MA [not Vermont, just a few minutes away in MASS!]. There's a fun YMCA park in Worchester [pronounced "Wusstah," by the locals]. There are indoor rides at Rampage, mysterious McPark action in this place, more McPark boredom at Salisbury, and the jewel of Mass - Newburyport!!! Across the border in NH, check out Nashua and Londonderry.

Directions: Take Route 93 to exit 43A and head west on Lowell Street. From Lowell, make a right onto Shawsheen Road. After you pass the High School, you can make a right in between the High School and the Middle School, and park in the West Middle School parking lot. The skatepark is behind the school. For more info, the number to call is 978.273.4851.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Bowled corner w/
a square hit... you'll
have to push your ass
off to blast this
thing... gotta put
those ramps closer

^ "ASP" would stand for
"Andover skatepark".

^ Usual flat rail

^ See! They need
a huge roll-in just
to make it across
the park...

^ Unknown soldier dishing
out the Gap ollies...

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