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editor's note:
8 Ball

EXTINCT: As of Jun'01 this park no longer exists... Thanks to Nick for the update!

8 Ball is a sweet neighborhood park. It's not big, it could use a few repairs, it's dirty as hell, but when the rest of Massachusetts is rained/snowed out, 8 Ball is still rippin'.

At first we were a little underwhelmed by the scene here. A lot of New Englanders chat this place up, but it was a little on the ghetto side. After about 10 minutes a little grom named Nathan rolled in and tore the roof off. He had a ton of sick lines - like "bowl to street course transfer over the spine" - that really showed off what the park could do. The local styles had us all stoked.

Directions: 8 Ball is in Southern Mass, kinda between Worcester and Boston. To get there take the 495 to the Bellingham exit [exit 17?]. Head Southwest off the 495 and hook up w/ the 140 West. Take the 140 West a few miles [less than 10 miles, we think], pass route 126 but stay on the 140. Look for a little warehouse at 163 Mendon St and Route 140.

We doubt 8 Ball will ever be a Van's superpark or anything - and maybe that's a good thing - but it's still worth a few hours on the road to hook up a session there. Keep an eye out for young Nathan, he'll show you how the place works.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ This is about 75% of the park

^ Local hErO Nathan
with the ole' 5oh
to smith

^ Give 'em a call
for mo' info:

^ Flip trick over
the fun box
by Sean Brown

^ Backwall =
good flow!

^ Bowl needs a little
work - upper lt hand
corner has a spine

^ Nice 'crete built
into the backwall
above the bank

^ Frontside boardslide

^ Hooking up the
new prodi

^ Ollie to flat

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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