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editor's note:
Burlington Miniramp

* Outdoor: Skatelite [or something]
* Free
* Trannie
* Rating: Shredding in the shade

We have two clarifications about this spot: 1.] This is Burlington MA, not VT, and 2.] This is a miniramp only, not a full skatepark.

Having said that - I love this idea. I know there's no street stuff, but to be honest, you can find street stuff in the streets! It's everywhere. Transition is the rare stuff. If you only have the resources for a few sq feet of skateables, a miniramp under the trees is a great solution! I wish I had one of these in my town...

This spot isn't perfect, but it's close in its own way. It's a standard ramp, with extensions but not too much imagination. It's a little slow in the flats. The bikes have chunked up the coping quite a bit... but I still like it. I rode for a couple hours under the shade, taking turns, enjoying the breeze. I could look across the park, uninterrupted by any unnecessary fences or locked gates. It was great. Of course it would have been cool to have more to ride, but what they had was just about perfect - for what it was.

For riders out there that want more action and opportunity, you've got plenty of options. Here in MA, check out the nearby park in Andover. Other MA parks include Rampage in Milford MA, the YMCA park in Worcester, and the killer "Oregon Dream" in Newburyport. Also, just across the border into NH, worthy parks like Nashua's concrete lines, metal ramps in Londonderry, another concrete park in Manchester and a new pay-park coming to Rye NH [Mar'02].

Directions: Burlington is about 15 miles south of Concord. Coming from Concord, take Interstate 93 south to Interstate 95 west. Take exit 33 [Cambridge St.] north. The skatepark is on the left just past Bedford Street in Simonds Park.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Simple, durable, hassle-free
miniramp action at Burlington
MA. See, you don't need to waste a
lot of cash on any ugly "prison"
fences... simple, yet sweeet! Good job.

^ Extensions mix it
up a little.

^ Frontside airtime
under the trees.

^ Located in Simonds
park - go get some!

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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