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editor's note:
Hyde Park Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete / Metal / Asphalt
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Hydden!

Hottest day in like 40 yrs - 103 degrees - when we rolled up on the skatepark in Hyde Park - just south of Boston.

Our notes on the place... "Pretty nice! Bowl looks like it has been patched up after some initial lumpiness [not-so-nice]. Coping on the bowl is burly 3 inch stuff. Good street section... no hassles anywhere, but be prepared for some BMX damage and chewed coping!"

Only shitty part... good luck finding it. Took us over 30 minutes from the highway, and we had a map. New England roads are the worst, and this neighborhood is a nightmare for the unprepared!

Directions: Get your map out - just in case - but try these directions: You're headed for the southwestern part of the Boston vicinity, so get over to the 95, take exit #14, on the east side of the highway, and look for East street - heading northeast. You're going to cross streets like Preston and Lantern before you make a right [eastish] on Sprague. You'll be on Sprague for a while, before you pass McDonald St and Industrial Dr. You'll cross a big iron bridge, and about the same time, the street name becomes Milton. After the bridge, you'll have to make a right [east] - I think that street was ALSO labeled Milton. Cross a concrete bridge that goes over the railroad tracks, then make a left [north] on Hyde Park Ave. Traveling north, you'll pass a Citgo, you'll pass "1587 Hyde Park Ave," then you'll bare left [still north] on Winter, and make another left [west - back over the railroad tracks] on Reservation. If you made it this far, the park will be on your right!
...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Simple horseshoe bowl at
Boston's Hyde Park...
miniramp and street course are
to the left.

^ 7 stair view

^ Pretty good street
stuff, with a manual
pad set-up, some
decent rails and
some "loading dock"
drop gaps

^ Here's a shot from
inside the bowl. You
can see the patches,
but I'd guess she's
still a little lumpy

^ They've got a little
"after market" miniramp
for that back-n-forth

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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