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editor's note:
Peabody Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: "Peh-beh-deh!"

What's up w/ you New England fools!?! You're always squawking about your new parks, but NOBODY ever told us about Peabody - how could you sleep on this one!

Yeah, after a morning session at Newburyport, the locals there told us to hit this park on our way back to RI. What a surprise! In the land of weak-sauce McParks, this is a nice concrete set-up. The layout is a little too basic, but it's got nice flow in the trannie section. Big walls, too - that's rare as hell. And the separate tech section delivers for the flippy-kids while reducing crash ups. Proper respects out to the design/build crew - New England Skateparks [617.947.5557]!

Now for the f**ked up part - closed due to the trash problem. Give me a break. Only a severely stupid and criminally cranky old person would close a park "due to trash." You know why there's trash? 'Cause it's popular. Pat yourself on the back, grandpa, you built something the kids actually use! As for the closing part, do you close the freeways 'cause there's trash on roadside? No. That would be retarded. You get someone to pic it up... moronic skater-hater shit.

Anyway, for more Mass-tastic skatin', check out the world-class rides at Newburyport - it's about as good as it gets! There's another park in Andover - we hear it just got remodeled a little [summer '02]. The miniramp in Burlington MA is a great idea - more parks should do that kind of thing. Further south, there's a pretty damn good park in Hyde Park, south of Boston [review coming soon!].

Directions: Peabody is located off of the 128 - between Boston and the NH border a few miles off highway 95. From the 95, take the 128 east toward the coast. When you see the signs for Peabody, get ready to exit Lowell - heading east toward downtown Peabody. Cross over Forest and Endicott, then look for a little street called Perkins on your right [southwest]. Head up the hill on Perkins until you see Emerson park on your left, next to some basketball courts. The skatepark is on your left [southeast] in that park.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Damn! How'd you keep the
park in Peabody a secret
for so long! There should have been
one more feature in the middle there.

^ You see what you got goin' there?
6 ft walls, coping, roll-ins, soft
concrete lumps to blast off of...
and flow until the cows come home.

^ Big vert extension,
that's a hit in the

^ This tech section is
too basic - I bet you
guys are jonzin' for a rail
and stairs set up... but that
manual pad's a good start.
Not too bad, right?

^ If the old lady
that typed up this
sign would have
just picked up the
trash, this whole
thing would have been
been over. Typical
government agency
shit - had to turn it
into a 10-step process.

^ You've got your
heads up your asses.
That's what you've

^ Yep. They've got the prison
locks and fences. Fat cops on the
prowl. Barbed wire and machine gun
nests go in next week. They're
still saving up for the lava moat
and trained ninja attack squad.
"Kill the trash tossin' teenagers!"
Gotta keep that concrete real clean.
First it's the candy wrappers, then
it's total anarchy!

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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