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editor's note:
Salisbury Skatepark

* Outdoor: Asphalt / 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Mediocre and mass-produced

This park sucks. I hate the McParks that infect New England, Colorado, etc. While Salisbury is one of the biggest and most feature-rich McParks in the area, it's still just a pathetic, lack luster, lazy-man's excuse for a skatepark.

Now that you've seen what your options are in Salisbury, forget this place exists. If you're a grommit, or if you just want to hang out, this place might be fine. But if you're looking for some real thrills, check out the nearby Newburyport. Other cool Mass parks include Andover, Rampage at Sk8Palace in Milford MA, the miniramp in Burlington MA, and the YMCA in Worcester. You've also got good rides in Keene NH, Nashua NH, the new concrete park in Manchester NH, and some fun lines at Londonderry NH. Finally, for a really kickass day, make the trip to Skater Island RI.

Directions: Salisbury is in the Northeast corner of Massachusetts. Take Highway 1 to Salisbury and make a right [east] onto Beach Road, also known as Highway 1A. As you get close to the beach, turn right into Salisbury Hunt Memorial Municipal Parking Facility, and you're there.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Boring, parking lot
style sessions can be
found at Salisbury Mass.
Nice "18 inch" miniramp
- urrgh.

^ See how they have
to slop the asphalt
up to the edges of these
pre-fab concrete ramps,
that's crap. So much
for a smooth transition.

^ "Wicked lame," huh?

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