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editor's note:
YMCA Skatepark

* Outdoor: Metal / Asphalt
* Pay: $5-10 per all-day sesh
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Wusstah!

Did you know that "YMCA" stands for "Young Men's Christian Association?" It's true. The YMCA in Worcester MA - like a lot of YMCA's across the US - has a pretty sweet skatepark. And hey, if you're not a Christian, don't even sweat it. As long as you pay your $10 bucks, you can ride the park. That's cool of 'em, huh. So all you Buddhists, Witches and Pagans come on down - there's room for everyone!

It's kinda weird, but this place was pretty much a secret... we didn't talk to anybody on our last tour that had ever heard of this park - even though it's been there since June 2000.

The guys at Custom Skatepark Development [978.857.0338] built/designed this park, as well as a lot of the metal parks in New England. Just like their park Burlington VT, this park has a reasonable elevation change [about 5 feet] and good flow. We think you'll like it.

For more skateparks in the area, check these out: There's a nice indoor park at Rampage in Milford MA. Andover has an outdoor park that a lot of the locals really like. There's a cool little mini-ramp in Burlington MA [yes, MA, not Burlington VT]. The best park in MA - and maybe New England - is at Newburyport MA. Up in NH, check out the parks in Manchester, a new pay-park coming to Rye [Mar'02], a metal park in Londonderry, and a Team Pain concrete park in Nashua.

Directions: Coming from Boston [for instance], take the 90 west toward Worcester. Look for the 495, and take that north to the 290 west [still heading toward Worcester]. From the 290, take the 190 north. As you pass Indian Lake on your left, prepare to exit at Ararat [exit #2]. From there you'll make a left to get on the west side of the highway, and another left [on a frontage road] to head south toward the YMCA. As you head back down the other side of the 190, you'll come to Shore Dr. The YMCA is right there at 75 Shore Dr in Worcester. For more info call the park direct at 508.852.6694.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Look for this big 'ole
"Y" and you'll know you're
at the Worcester YMCA.

^ This shot makes the park
look flatter than it is...
but at least you get a sense
of the layout.

^ SHITEO: Animated clip
of superhero Lance Latham
doing some serious crime
fighting on this 5-oh.

^ Adam Mess on that
banister 5oh

^ Lance again, in low
orbit over the park,
poking out this melon

^ Sick style on this
next 5oh on the flat
rail - Adam Mess!

^ Russ Macintyre
flexing old school
skill to early grab on
the miniramp - see those
lights? Nice!!!

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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