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editor's note:
Lansdowne Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie
* Rating: "Surf-style lives!"

Yes. Another fine review assembled from submissions from the skatepark community itself. Check out the word on the street concerning Lansdowne skatepark in Maryland.

"This is an original snake run park from the 70's. It has endured everything short of wars and floods. It is now undergoing renovation."

- Bill Helene: Aug '01

"This park is now monitored. 10 ft tall chain link fence around the whole thing. Hours for the winter are 2:00-5:00 on weekdays and 12:00-5:00 on weekends. I drove six hours this weekend to skate it and it was all locked up because it had rained a little bit earlier in the day. Long ride home.

- Kevin: Nov '01

...stupid, stupid. A couple of big signs and the city would have no liability issues, but NOOOOOOOO. They'd prefer that the park is locked up half the rideable hours. What a waste. Thousands of parks around the world operate without fences, rules, waivers, monitors, etc. It's a huge waste of time and resources that could be put into the park itself. Don't let this happen in your town - start making some noise!!!

On a lighter note, we might throw in that this one seems like a distant relative of Derby skatepark in Santa Cruz CA. If you like snake runs, check out the following Canadian bangers in the towns of Whiterock, Seylynn, and Whistler [all in British Columbia]. For some American snake runs, check out the "not so perfect" snake run at Vans in Ontario CA, and the truly excellent "snake run" at Skater Island in Newport RI.

Directions: From Baltimore, take Highway 295 south to the Harbor Tunnel Throughway west. Take the Harbor Tunnel to Interstate 695 north. Take exit 9 [Hollins Ferry Rd] and turn right [east]. Take Hollins Ferry Rd. to Bero Rd. and turn right [south]. Follow Bero Rd. past the first street on the left and park. There is a paved walkway to the skatepark on the left.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Odd, yet interesting,
ancient skatepark
contours at Lansdowne
[Photo: Bill Helene]

^ Skateparks have a
funny history of
imitation. From
the pool tradition
of mimicking waves...

^ ...to many snake
run creations, each
re-inventing aqueducts...

^ ...to modern
"street courses"
that look more
like parking lots
than skateparks.

^ It's worth mentioning
that as a "70's park,"
this is one of only a
few parks that has
survived the "on again,
off again" popularity
of skateboarding over
the last 4 decades. For
more vintage skateables
check out Kona skatepark in Jacksonville FL.

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