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editor's note:
K-38 Skatepark - CLOSED

* Outdoor: 'Crete / Wood
* Free
* Street
* Rating: Run for the border

You ready for a tale of how "lucky we are here in the US?" Get ready for the story of K-38 skatepark, in Tijuana Mexico.

While on tour down in San Diego, we thought we'd pop in, soak up a little culture shock, and check the TJ park. After getting across the border and adjusting to the concept of Federales toting machine guns on every corner, we started asking around. Of course, nobody in TJ knew where it was. After a few hours we finally found a shop owner, who ended up calling someone on a cell phone and they gave us directions...

Thrasher Magazine did a story about this place when Coronado just opened. They did a comparison of the new Wally Holiday lines in the Coronado park versus the truly "keepin' it real" options in TJ.

"Está al lado de la bandera grande" - or - "It's by the big flag!"

We started walking up Constitución toward the "flag" and the neighborhood started to get a little sketchy - EVERYBODY was checking us out.

I know what you're thinking - "Ai! Es solamente un parque de patinaje, guero estúpido!!!" But beyond the paranoia and general cowardice, you should know that the locals actually steal the wood off the miniramps to build houses! Do you get it? That's completely opposite the US, where we steal from construction sites to build ramps! Poverty is a serious thing, and dumbass American kids sportin' new equipment, cash and cameras are high-visibility targets for the under privileged. This isn't just "the big city" - it's another culture altogether!

Yeah, so the miniramps are unridable because they can't keep wood on them. The one real structure - a concrete fun box w/ a hubba ledge - took tons of begging, two years of waiting, and volunteer labor to get built [organized in large part by K-38, the shop across the street]. The ledges by the basketball court are skateable, but not designed for skaters. The rest of that park is series of flat rails - one round, one square, one that bends 90 degrees... The Mexican government has more to worry about than the quality of their skateparks. It's a totally different world down there...

Wrapping this up, "mucho respecto" out to the locals. Just like anywhere else we've been, skaters are skaters, and these guys were just as talented at their brothers to the north. Despite ghetto equipment and a budget park, devotion to skateboarding is an international experience. Big props out to K-38 for their efforts to hook it up for that scene - count your blessings, we've got it easy up here.

Directions: We don't actually recommend that you try to find this place - walking around Tijuana can get you in trouble if you're not really careful. If you NEED to skate this place, take a cab! Anyway, from anywhere in TJ you can see this huge Mexican flag, that's where the park is - south of the main tourist area, off of Constitución. I think the phone number for the K-38 might be 664.685.0717.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Despite the lack of big-money
facilities, it was totally cool
to kick it in the shade and watch
the locals kill it at K-38 skatepark.

^ Here's the "Hubba" box,
and the skeletons of miniramps
surrendering in the background.

^ Another flat bar...

^ K-38 Propaganda

^ The shop is right
across the street
from the park - also
very close to the big

^ This is sort of like a
square rail - since the
two round pipes are welded
together to form a flat surface

^ The guy from K-38 said that this
ledge and the surrounding flatground
were already a local hangout for
skaters, so that's why the park was
set up here...

^ Another view of that ledge...

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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