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editor's note:
The Office

* Indoor: Skatelite / Ply / 'Crete
* Pay: $7 max for 3 hr sesh
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: "Aggressive Sports Facility"

Michigan can get "nipply" cold in the winter. I was watching the weather channel one day and Anchorage, Alaska was 10 degrees on the same day Michigan was like 40 below... that's cold. Damn right you better skate indoors. Which brings us back to The Office.

We scored an email interview w/ the owner John Bowers. Turns out he built this place himself and opened for business in Aug '00. He's got mad construction skills and had done some previous ramp work at home on a half pipe out in his barn [how nice would that be!]. This guy's heart is totally in the right place. He's taking all kinds of steps to keep costs down and working on expanding to other cities just to spread the stoke around to more kids. Gotta love that.

We also asked about the bikes v. boards v. blades situation at his park and he's all about tolerance [and that's the way to be]. "They all deserve respect. We are all riders. Period." Well said. He says the current mix at this park is 40% boards, 40% inline, and 20% bikes. He's cool about the hours and lets the hardcore riders in before and after official park sessions so they can get busy without crushing the grommits.

"This park is fast. If you get used to it other parks make you feel like you're in slow motion."

Wow... that's a pretty good sales pitch. And just to seal the deal, he's got tunes too. Hip-hop to head-bangers, come get some.

Directions: From Flint, take Interstate 75 north to exit 151 [Caro/Reese]. Make a right [east] onto M181, about 20 miles down the road you will enter the City of Caro. Make a right at E. Dayton Road. The skatepark is the first white office building on the left after the railroad tracks. For more info call 'em direct 517.672.5555.

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^ Big, beefy, indoor sea of
trannie at The Office

^ 8ft halfer, w/
big vert

^ Rough 6fter, w/
a bank - look likes
bike territory

^ Spinage

^ That's a lot of

^ Birds eye view

^ Lego style,
moveable street stuff

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