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editor's note:
Park X Skatepark

PARK IS CLOSED: Check this out...

"Park X is dead. I think the owner had a problem with the lease on the place."

- Jonathan Bird: Nov '03

Park X describes themselves as "Your number one skate source in Southern Mississippi" - I don't hear anyone arguing w/ that statement, so we'll just have to take their word for it. And since they gladly admit the full gambit of bikes, booters, and boards, maybe they're the number one source for all the skatepark lurkers in Ehm Eye Ess Ess Eye Ess Ess Eye Pee Pee Eye!

We have a great quote from Park X describing their park. It goes a little something like this:

"Indoors. Climate controlled."

- Park X: Nov '01

See, you don't get to be "#1 in MS" by wasting a lot of time chatting w/ ole' SK8parkLIST.com. No, Sir!

...scroll down for pics

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^ Looking for the number one
skate source in MS? Well, you
found it - Park X!
[Photo: Park X]

^ box of fun
[Photo: Park X]

^ Spine tingling
[Photo: Park X]

^ And for all you players
in Pearl, if you bring your
lady friend, she gets in
for 1/2 price! Sweet, huh.
[Photo: Park X]

^ As this footy helps
to prove, there is a
mini-ramp at the "X".
[Photo: Park X]

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