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editor's note:
Rocky Mount Skatepark

* Outdoor: Metal / 'Crete
* Pay: $2 [yes, $2 bucks!]
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: "Support" for skaters...

Kimberly Barrow, with the city of Rocky Mount worked hard to bring you this review of Sunset skatepark. Proper respects out to her for that! I can't say I love this skatepark, but her attitude and support for skating kicks ass.

Yeah, it's a "McPark." And, yeah, it's true you do have to wear full pads, get your mommy to sign a waiver for you [under 18], and pay a couple bucks to ride this park... typically I'd talk a big pile of smack about all that, but in this case I think Kimberly is too nice to put her thru all my hysterical lip-flappin'. You've heard it all before, any way...

Now you know the score, so YOU decide if all this is cool or not. That's what this little site is all about, right? Get the low down and make up your own mind. Skate hard, North Carolina - but don't forget your recommended support cup! Your kids will thank you for it.

Directions: Rocky Mount is about 40 minutes east of Raleigh. From Raleigh, take Highway 64 east to the Winstead Ave. exit. Head south on Windstead Ave. and make a left [east] onto Sunset Ave. Cross the Tar River and look for a left turn lane. Make a left onto River Dr., and the skatepark is on the right. If you miss River Dr., the word is "You'll be lost as heck."

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Rocky Mount has a "McPark" - built by
some company that ships out generic
parks like this all over the country.
Best thing about them, is that mini ramp
in the back ground...
[Photo: Rocky Mount]

^ See coping isn't too bad...
[Photo: Rocky Mount]

^ Hardcore "clip art!"
[Photo: Rocky Mount]

^ Another moment from
their brochure...
[Photo: Rocky Mount]

^ I don't know what's funnier
about this image... that fruit-board,
or the idea of a bunch of punkers
stuffing "support" cups down their jeans
before a session. [Photo: Rocky Mount]

^ See all that empty space
with no flow potential...
that's the McPark secret
recipe! [Photo: Rocky Mount]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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