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editor's note:
Greenfield Grind Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Pay: $5
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Southern Hospitality

Another proud submission and well designed kick ass park, check out Wilmington NC's Greenfield Grind skatepark. Much thanks to Carlton Clark for bringing this fine ride to our attention.

Design and build credits for this work of art go out to Wally Holliday [California Skateparks 562.208.4646]. Apparently Wally was one of the 'crete slingers from the original wave of skateparks [most of which are extinct now]. From the looks of things, this is a sweet park.

Now for some gripes: I can't believe it, but this is another f**king waiver park. I know Florida is big on waivers, and I'm really hoping the South doesn't adopt this needless trend, here's the deal: The park is on a monitor/fence/waiver situation - which is the worst possible combo. Each rule you add decreases usage and return on the cities investment - that's not only a STUPID financial decision, it's MORONIC social policy as well.

Instead of just putting up some signs that say "Skate at your own risk," [which works GREAT at skateparks all over the world!] Wilmington decided to put in the whole red-tape factor. They've got a waiver you have to sign, and if you're under 18 you have to bring your mommy to the park. Just for clarification [for anyone too clueless to figure this out on their own], skaters don't usually bring their mommies anywhere.

By setting up a policy like this, you've seriously restricted the amount of kids under 18 that can ride this park. That is a FACT, jack. You've got a great park, but unless your mommy has the time and she actually likes you enough to go with you to the park, you're not riding [from 12-18 my step-mom wouldn't have poured water on me if I was on fire, no way she'd run around signing waivers for me].

This FUBAR monitor concept also leads to two other deterrents: 1.) Increased costs for salaries/fences/paper [yes, it's a PUBLIC park and you have to pay...] and 2.) Decreased riding hours [they're closed Mondays for no good reason - WHY!]. To make sure you don't get away with just having a good time w/ no hassles, they fence you in/out like criminals the whole time. Why aren't basketball courts treated this way? Or football fields? Why invent rules for skaters??? The whole mindset is just f**ked!

I HATE THIS SHIT!!! IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY - JUST LET THE KIDS SKATE! Leave it to a government agency to take something as free-flowing as a killer skatepark and then bury it in so many rules you end up chasing away the same kids you *supposedly* built it for. To the city planners that set up these useless rules - YOU GUYS SUCK! Thanks for nothing.

Directions: Take interstate 40 to Wilmington, then take Highway 17 west. Turn left [south] onto 3rd Street. Then make a left onto Willard Street, followed by a right into Greenfield Park.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Overview of the
contours at Wilmington

^ Sweet invert

^ Frontside air

^ Rumor has it this
is Chet Childress
doing the unthinkable
over a large slice
of the hard stuff.

^ If the coping is as good
as this park looks, there
are plenty of good times
to be found in this park -
IF it's open, and IF you've got
cash, and IF you've got your
waiver signed - F**K!

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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