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editor's note:
Londonderry Skatepark

* Outdoor: Asphalt / Metal
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Here is London, bloody London...

Yeah, that's right, I got that "rating" from a Morrisey song and I'm not even embarrassed about it. Lots of skaters list Morrisey as one of their favorite bands. It's true. I don't *personally* know anyone that likes Morrisey, but I'm sure they're out there. And just because they like his tunes doesn't mean that they wear black lipstick out in public, or that their door swings both ways on Friday nights, or that they ride around bareback on a Vespa yelling "Meat is Murder" as they drive by America's proud purveyors of fast food yumburgers! Dammit, Momma says, "a skater is as a skater does" and that's good enough for me!!! Whether we're talking music or anything else, we're not jocks and we don't have to "wear uniforms," for Christ's sake... All right, umm, now check out this park in Londonderry.

This park is pretty good. I like it. It's not too small and it's NOT another sackless McPark [New England has plenty of those crap baskets]. It does have flow and a miniramp and a nice mix of terrain. The surface is budget asphalt, but as long as they resurface once and a while, Londonderry will sport happy skaters for years to come.

For more action in this part of the world, check out the scene at Nashua NH - that's a good park. Manchester NH just got a new concrete park. Keene NH has a metal park like this one, but it's pretty beat up. In MA, you've got one of the best parks in the world at Newburyport - yes! Andover MA has a cool little set up. There's a nice mini ramp in Burlington MA and indoor flow at Rampage in Milford MA. We'll have pics and comments on these parks and more coming soon. Now go get some!

Directions: Coming from Manchester, take Interstate 93 south to Exit 4. Turn right [west] onto Highway 102. Then turn right [north] onto Highway 128. Turn right again onto Sargent Road, which is just past the Londonderry Fire Department. Take Sargent Rd. to the parking lot, and go skate.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Black and white trannie
will turn you black and blue
at the skatepark in Londonderry

^ Good job! The
smart people in
charge of this
place have created
a hassle free spot
to ride. No waivers
or monitors needed!
Ride on - ride off,
the way it should be!

^ SHITEO: Check
out Matt Buchanan
in this animated

^ If you turn your
head sideways a
little you can get
a good look at the

^ TITLE #1: "Aggro-nap
time at Londonderry."
TITLE #2: "Fruit-booter
to flat bottom"

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