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editor's note:
Milford Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete / Asphalt
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: "King" of the McParks

INTRO: We originally thought this park was in Millbury MA. Despite having taken the pics ourselves, we weren't quite sure where this park was??? Here's what the locals sent us:

"I took it upon myself to hunt down this "mystery" skatepark. Upon many hours - okay it took about thirty seconds - I discovered that Keyes Memorial park wasn't even in MA. The park is in Milford, New Hampshire! How you like them apples."

Larry DuBose: Mar '02

"Geez. You guys are way - way off. The pictures that you show for the Millbury "Mystery" Skatepark is actually a park in Milford, New Hampshire. Also, remember to bring your bathing suit, because the skatepark sucks (even without the bike riders) and if you're lucky the swimming pool will be open."

- Timmy: Mar '02

...ha ha ha! Thanks.

When you need a new shower for your bathroom, and you don't want to get all gnarly with custom tile work etc., you can go down to Home Depot and buy a "pre-fabricated" one. You know, one of those beige one-piece plastic units, soap dish and all. While pre-fab works okay for cheap and dirty shower installs, the concept typically fails in skatepark design. Milford should know. They went cheap and dirty and that's exactly what they got.

We usually label any pre-fab effort a "McPark" - mass produced and tastless, just like those McBurgers out there. While the skatepark at Keyes Memorial park in Milford is big enough - the "King of the McParks" in New England - that's not really saying much...

Milford has a gang of features... all of them under 3 feet tall. Shit. The next big problem with this park [like many of the other McParks around the world], is that it's set up on asphalt, w/ asphalt finishing work to blend together the jenky transitions of the concrete ramps and the skating surface. After a few weeks, the asphalt packs down and those transitions begin to fall apart. Then you've got the asphalt skating surface itself, getting rougher and rougher each month, adding to the chunk-chunk transitions. The low-budget design's stink becomes more obvious every day.

Yet another problem are the flowless layouts. Too much space between features requires you to push your ass off all over the rough asphalt. Huffing and puffing between tricks, you're probably about ready to bribe a buddy to give you a ride to a park with a better set-up! McParks are skateable, but they're lazy solutions to skateparks and we diss that kind of half-ass effort every time. Get out with that noise.

On a brighter note - and proof that SOME skatepark is better than NO skatepark - we saw some raw skate talent that day that made us stop and say "Daaa-yam!" This kid named Schuyler Ricketts was lurking, determined to bust despite the 95 degree humid torture of a New England heat wave. Rocking a shirt w/ a collar and a New England preppy look, he was dismantling this crappy park like a wrecking ball. We filmed big air. We filmed tech-tech. He landed anything and everything he tried, trick after trick, until we were like, "uhhh, guess we got enough." This kid is gonna blow up if wants to, and no bullshit McPark is gonna hold him back.

New England skaters have a few options locally, with new parks popping up all the time. Nearby, you've got parks at Manchester and Londonderry, and a new park coming to Rye NH real soon [Mar '02]. In MA, check out Rampage in Milford MA, a miniramp in Burlington MA, and a slick metal park at the YMCA in Worcester. Further away, but worth just about any drive, is the antithesis of the McPark, a skater designed/built skatepark in Newburyport MA ["good lord!"]. Now go get some...

Directions: "To get there, take route 495 to Route 3 North to exit 7W [in NH, not MA!]. This will be route 101a West [NOT route 101, which also goes through Milford]. Follow route 101a for about 30 minutes. Go straight through the Milford rotary [the only rotary in route 101a] and Keyes park is less than mile on the right, just after the elementary school." [Directions submitted by Timmy]

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Located on a big athletic field
that you CANNOT see from the street,
look for this driveway w/ the stone
pillars to find the Milford skatepark

^ The park isn't that fun, but Schuyler
just makes it LOOK like a good time...
talent! Mr Ricketts, seen here, slicin'
melons like it ain't no thing.

^ See that dirty
asphalt creeping
up the spine...
asphalt in skate-
parks sucks!

^ SHITEO Here's
an ani-sequence of
Schuyler on that
3-sitty flip tip.

^ Schuyler didn't
care that this
park is weaker
than a handshake
from a 5 year old

^ As long as the trannie
and coping are okay, mini
ramps are pretty hard to
screw up... I rode one like
this in Newport RI, it was okay.

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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