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editor's note:
Nashua - David Deane Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Payneful playground

It's summer of 2001 as I write this review... just a year ago we were in New England and there were parks, but not like this year. New Hampshire has added a few concrete killers to its parklist, solid parks that will be around for a while, as well as raise the bar for future park building efforts. Nashua is just that kind of park.

"Nashua is a great example of an awesome park that thrives without waivers, chains, limited hours or supervision. Hours are like 10 to 10 [sometimes later] and it's lit. Big sign saying "skate at your own risk", wear a helmet, etc. The cops drive by once in a while to make sure things are cool - other than that, it's just "have fun everyone" - the way it should be."

- Bryon Rivers: Oct '02

The park was built by the one and only Team Pain - the "team" is actually any combination of Tim Payne's squad of park building prophets [more on Team Pain: 407.695.8215]. It's way gnarlier than most public parks in America - their parks always are. It's got a great "street" course - with lots of trannie of its own. But the most interesting feature is a 6-9 ft traditional pool w/ pool coping!

Directions: Nashua is just north of the MA/NH border. Coming from Boston, take Interstate 93 north. From the Interstate 93, transfer to Interstate 95 south, and then to Highway 3 north [Frederick E Everett Turnpike]. Take exit 6 [Broad St.] and head east. Take a right onto Amherst, which turns into Canal Street after downtown. Take Canal St. over the Merrimack River, and Canal will turn into Bridge Street. Take the last left before the bridge and you're there. The address is 80 Bridge Street.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ She's a couple years old now,
but Nashua is still one of
New England's finest! For some good
video of this spot, check out
the sweet "Death Trip 2001"
for footage of this place and other
spots in New England and beyond.

^ SHITEO: Local
dude, Jonathan Green,
with 5050 skills on
a square rail

^ See that kid's knee?
When we shot these
photos in 2001, every
kid in this park had
gangs of road rash -
like it was some kind
of virus, or something.
Gotta love the "true
glamour" of skateboarding!!!

blockin' boardslide
- Jonathan Green.

^ Just this street section alone
is better than a lot of parks
[Photo: Scott Sizmore]

^ Just short of
a big coping slash,
a "tile-r" is a
nice score for a
pool freak [Photo:
Scott Sizmore]

^ SHITEO: Bill
Henshaw negotiates
several inches of vert
and pool coping to go
rock to fakie in the
shallow end

^ Beat it! No cranks
or Razor skanks
Scott Sizmore]

^ The pool is smooth and built
to skate, but it's plenty gnarly

^ Another view from the u-bowl,
looking back toward the

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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