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editor's note:
Golfworld Miniramp

EXTINCT: As of Spring of 2002, this park no longer exists...

"The ramp at Golfworld closed down a few months ago [the golf course did too]. There is another skatepark in Clifton NJ, and yet another one in NJ called Rexplex."
- Steve: Sep '02

The Golfworld miniramp was submitted by Mike w/ Stimulus skateboards. He also tossed down the following review. Big thanks to Mike - it looks like a great ride!

"Indoor. 40ft wide mini ramp featuring a 5 1/2-foot section, a 4-foot section, a bank ramp and 2 vertical sections. Full SKATELITE surface. Helmet required. Full pads are recommended for all skaters under 17. Board and pad rental, lessons and private sessions are available. Lounge/snack bar area. All skaters must sign waiver to skate. Skaters 17 and under must have parent/guardian sign waiver. Call before you go especially on weekends, it can get very crowded and only 25 are allowed on the ramp at once. Outdoor street course coming soon."

"Personal Rating: 8.5 out of 10"

"Nice transitions, super-smooth and fast surface, but it really hurts to fall on. Interesting layout - not just a boring miniramp. Tons of clueless little guys on the weekend - go later if you want to avoid them. If you get bored you can play a round of minigolf or hit the driving range."

Weird combo - golf and skating... You know Thrasher's parent company [High Speed Productions] puts out a punk rock golf mag called Schwing! I just don't get it. But for more golf/skate cross over, check out Grand Prix skatepark in Sacramento, CA.

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^ We love a good mini
ramp session...

^ ...use to be a
good one in Santa
Barbara at

^...there was another
good one at the
original Skatestreet...

^ Couple more good
ones in Ojai and Skate Lab -
both in Cali...

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