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editor's note:
Los Altos

* Outdoor: Lots of 'Crete!
* Free
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: "Ooooouuuhhhwhheee!"

Albuquerque, New Mexico's concrete playground - Los Altos skatepark. 481,682 sq ft of hips and dips, hardwired to the high desert by the SDG [Site Design Group - 480.894.6797] for rippers and flippers and school skippers. Put a fork in this baby, it's done!


Even with a wide-angle lens, we couldn't fit the whole park in one shot... that's *real* good. When we go on and on about how pitiful and inferior the skateparks in Southern CAL can be, it's because we know how far Cali's got to go before we finally score some parks like this one. SDG's other masterpieces include NM's Santa Fe, Boulder CO's Scott Carpenter, Flagstaff AZ's Bushmaster, and the infamously alluring Chandler park. That's one bad ass resume!

Do we need to mention that this place has more flow than the Rio Grande? And as if that wasn't enough - NO PADS REQUIRED!!! Step right up, there's plenty for everyone.

Directions: Coming from Downtown Albuquerque take Interstate 40 east to the Eubank Blvd. Exit and turn left [north]. The park is on the southwest corner of the Eubank Blvd. and Lomas Blvd. Intersection.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ This is about 40%
of Albu's Los Altos

^ Clever cone
clearance by
Mr Odell Lee

^ Lo-tech name card

^ We've been to
NM on two trips
and we've run
into Justin
Demmon both times.
Here he is

^ Steven Chase
grabbin' tail

^ Streetisms

^ John Ortiz
entering a
low orbit over
cone and 'crete

^ HUGE pool-to-pool
complete w/ spine, plus
a smaller multi-chambered
pool in the upper left hand
corner of the shot...

^ Abe Towery
killin' it
w/ fs airs

^ Nice view of
the spine, etc.

^ The Odell treatment,
clobbering the
corner hit

^ Ryan Simonetti
w/ the water Melon
grab - kid's a local

^ Feb11 '01:
1st Anniversary
skate party... we
just happened to be
in the neighborhood
[that's Alva in the pic]

^ Adrian Freeman
proving this is
a bike-friendly

^ Great sign...

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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