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editor's note:
De Vargas Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Tannie / Street
* Rating: Nice try...

In addition to the NEW skatepark, Santa Fe has an older skatepark, pretty close to Downtown.

The street stuff is not great. You've got a couple rails and ledges... maybe it's not that bad. The fun box is definately ridiculous [see pic below], and most of the trannie ranges from boring to dangerous.

If you're going to find anything really cool here, it's gotta be the old school snake run. Unlike the Canadians, we don't have too many snake runs in the US. This one is not too crazy - no coping - but you might like the carve, find a good flyout, or generate some speed for a blast off those hips...

One last comment about this park. There is some debate about who first used colored concrete in skatepark construction. Aspen has color 'crete. So does Laguna. While we're not sure who holds the title as "The First," this park must be on that list...

Directions: The main highway to Santa Fe is the 25. From the 25 you could take the 14 [Cerrillos Rd], heading northeast toward downtown. You'll pass the OTHER Santa Fe skatepark [which is off of Camino Carlos Rey]. Soon after you cross Paseo de Peralta, make a "soft" left onto Sandoval [you'll now be heading north]. A few blocks north on Sandoval, you'll come to the intersection of De Vargas, and the park will be on your left [to the west], just before the Santa Fe River.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Santa Fe has great snowboarding
just 30 minutes out of downtown,
but snow in the bowl is a pretty
rare thing...

^ It's not the best trannie in New
Mexico, but it IS the best reason to
skate this place...

^ Another angle on the snaker...

^ This quarter pipe
is terrible! Dropping
in is possible, but it's
guaranteed to break a
few ankles, wrists and
necks along the way.

^ The ledge part of
this box is more like
a rail, and the coping
goes right into the
ground... doh! A hubba
ledge is supposed to
have a drop off.

^ If you've got the
pop, these rails are

^ Overview of the street stuff

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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