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editor's note:
Desert Breeze

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Bigger and better than ever

Last time we reviewed this park we said it was "one step up from a parking lot." That was true... it used to suck. However, in the year or so that our review was up, Las Vegas got their act together and supped-up the original '99 design quite a bit. We still got a couple issues w/ the park, but it's a hell of a lot better than it was!

"They are rebuilding Desert Breeze and I thought you should know so maybe you can check it out and change your bad ratings on it."

- Redwinger: Mar '01

We didn't check it out ourselves, but our buddies Todd and Tim shot some pics for us and rode the park as well - their footage is below.

This is one of the first parks in America [that we know of] that got "added on to". We've seen some complete remodels, or parks that went from wood ramps to a full concrete park, but this one simply had a new section added on. Interesting.

"Hey. They expanded desert breeze a lot - it's still not that excellent though." - SPORTMORPH: Jun '01

Talking to Todd, the only real complaint is the poor execution of what looks like a pretty aggressive and interesting design. I don't know if the designer and builder where the same crew, but the builder did a pretty sloppy pour. Check the pics below [look for the funky shadows on the walls] - you're definitely in for lumps and unnecessary bumps, thanks to those guys. Another park botched by the contractor, it's a shame.

Directions: Take Interstate 15 north to Las Vegas. Exit Sahara Avenue and head west, take a left [south] on Durango Road. The Park is at southeast corner of the intersection of Durango Rd. and Spring Mountain Road.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Wide view of the
Desert Breeze
[this stuff is still

^ Here's a peek at the
new addition to the park
[Photo: Griffiths]

^ Steven Downs,

^ Here we have
Steve and his buddy
Josh Prater w/ the
first synchronized
boardslide ever
documented on film!

^ Glen Cooper
takin' care of
of business w/
a blunt slide

^ They went from a flat as a board,
boring ass design to a ballsy,
big country kill zone! Gotta
admire that change of attitude
[Photo: Griffiths]

^ Chris Hughes with
what looks like a
tweaky 1 ft-ed mute
[Photo: Griffiths]

^ Well, if it isn't
Mr Todd Griffiths
[Photo: Tim - nice

^ Mike Walsh Jr.
airing it out
[Photo: Griffiths]

^ Damn... check these
crazy bowlisms - I
love a nice bowled
out section of coping
[Photo: Griffiths]

^ Sent in by Andy
Graham, "...it looks
as if I'm doing a Michael
Jackson pose on the
boardslide." Ha ha...

^ Page Navarro w/
dangerous old
school style -
fastplant 180

^ Okay. See that shadow
on the wall? Notice how it
goes up and down the wall? Those
would be lumps! Not good.
[Photo: Griffiths]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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