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editor's note:
Bunker Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free [???]
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: A Bunker for the troops

Dude - I'm constantly getting "hassled" by Las Vegas locals telling us "You don't cover all of our parks!" They don't send pics or anything, but they love the talk-talk. Well, without further ado, we bring you a look at one of Vegas' best and brightest - Bunker skatepark! How you like them apples - squeaky wheel gets the grease, boys and girls.

"It might be worth your while to take a road trip out to Vegas and skate the 10 or so parks that are out here now. I would give you names, but I don't know them. We always call them by their cross streets [i.e. Gowan Park, Alexander and Tenaya Park, etc.]. Some of these new spots have some flow, some big stuff [a 9 stair rail...], a little bit for everyone. Definitely worth your time, though."

- Seamus James: Apr '02

See what I mean...

We actually owe the bulk of this Bunker tribute to SKATEparkLIST homie and "team rider" - Mr Todd Griffiths [big time BLACK SHEEP ARMY!]. He shot these pics when he and his homeboy Tim toured that little town... Bunker was under construction when these pics were shot, and the "weird surface" is just sand they put in the park to keep kids from skating it before it opened.

In addition to this spot, we know of at least 3 other parks in Vegas - and you know we'll have more soon. For now, check out the lack-luster Flamingo skatepark and the newly remodeled Desert Breeze [not to be confused w/ Phoenix's Desert West in AZ]. There's also an indoor park called Planet Plywood in Vegas - also just remodeled.

Directions: Take Highway 95 to the Cheyene Avenue exit, and head west. Make a right [north] onto Tenaya Way. Bunker skatepark is on the northwest corner of Tenaya Way and Alexander Road.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Bunker skatepark signage...
and yeah, that's definitely Todd's
finger in the corner of the shot!
[Photo: Griffiths]

^ This shot's a little washed
out, but still digestible.
Square corner hit to open bowl.
Curved board slider up top...
looks taste-T! [Photo: Griffiths]

^ Sick bowl system here...
that looks like a Hastings-style
spine deal. Killer! [Photo: Griffiths]

^ "12 yr old Clayton Willams - sponsored by
Incognito Activewear & Voodoo Skateboards.
Ollie on the 9 stair..." [Submission and
comments: Glenn Burke]

^ Ahhhh! Another look at that
spine - not to mention the
bitchin' street course,
scoring background props
in this shot... [Photo: Griffiths]

^ Looking across the park
from the "round bowl," you can
see the 9 stair, that kinky
rail, and more [Photo: Griffiths]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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