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editor's note:
Metro Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Don't believe the hype...

It used to be - going WAY back to the year 2000 or something - that Las Vegas had the worst parks. Pretty soon we started hearing from all the LV rippers that their scene was blowin' up. Metro skatepark is supposedly a local favorite...

I don't know... this park definitely could have been a LOT better. The design is like a hand-me-down of Cali left-overs: wimp-worthy 4 ft height limits, yet another boring ass u-bowl [I'm sick to death of this cookie-cutter design], a couple of sets of stairs. Yawn, already.

Compared to Flamingo, yeah, things are looking up. But compared to Pro Park - this place is lacking. Pro park is an original - burly and creative, just like skateboarding. That park is inspiring, while this park is a sleepy clone.

Metro is a shallow, zombie-like, mall rat of a skatepark - trying to look cool by copying some other park that's trying to look cool, but isn't. Meanwhile, parks like Apache Junction in AZ reveal another side of the story - what could have been. A loud and proud park - not a weak and meek spot, like this place.

Directions: Take I-95 to the west side of Vegas and exit Cheyenne. Continue west on Cheyenne, past Buffalo and Durango, then take right [north] on El Capitan. A few blocks later, make left [west again] on Gowen and keep going until you see the park. If you hit Hualapai, you missed it!

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Las Vegas "superstar" park,
Metro, looks like California's
Diamond Bar [built in 1999!],
but not quite as fun...

^ Stephen Phelps
displays his preference
for the handrail part
of the park

^ SHITEO: Skater's
point of view on this
one as Jesse Brattain
noseslides the 7 stair

^ Mr Phelps -
boardslide to

^ See the edges of the hubba-
ledge there? That's a very odd
plastic edge that
can be replaced when it
wears down. The problem
is that while it slides great,
it grinds down too fast. You
end up w/ a round edge that wants
to dump you off. I gotta ask?
What's was wrong w/ traditional
square-coping here? This technique
doesn't seem to be any kind of
an improvement.

^ 4-ft gumdrop, Sunday school spine.
Makes a BORING, 4 ft u-bowl, slightly less
boring. This feature needs a dose of
originality in a bad way. Do the spine,
but pls, don't EVER do another one
like this again. The world has plenty!

^ More skate-plaza coverage

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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