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editor's note:
Planet Plywood Skatepark

* Indoor: 'Crete / Plywood!
* Pay: $8 per sesh
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Beware of the biker gangs...

EXTINCT: As of the Spring '02, this park no longer exists...

We were all fired up to feature Planet Plywood, but we had a few questions we needed answered first. We gave them a quick ring-ring and found out they'd just remodeled the whole place [Fall '01]. Whoops. Our old pictures wouldn't make much sense now, would they?

Don at the park told us we should give Gary - the owner - a call for more details, so we did. Gary tells us they demo'd the vert ramp [yep, another one bites the dust]. Gary's bummed on that, but the good news is that they made room for more street stuff and smaller trannie for the non-vert heads out there. We said we'd hold tight, and just show a couple three action shots until someone sends in some fresh footy...

Regarding the "biker gangs" rating [above], this is an "anything goes" park - translation, lots of bikers. When we were there, bikers made up about 80% of the action at that time. Gary mentioned that the new park has a "rhythm section" - yep, bike friendly like no place else. If you're a crank and pedal guy, that's a dream come true. If you're a little fearful of catching a peg to the head, you might want to check it out before you ride.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Planet Plywood doesn't look like
this anymore - they've remodeled since this
pic was shot - but this IS how *big* the park
is... that's something. Yep - 6,000 sq ft.

^ Eric Semrad blastin'
biggie transfer skills
at the old park...

^ Michael Arnold
stealing some air
from the biker

^ Eric again, coming
with that smith logic

^ Told you the
bikes was in the
house. This trick
is called the "there's
a spider on my handle
bars" air... bikers
don't like spiders.

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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