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editor's note:
Pro Park

* Outdoor: 'Crete!!!
* Free
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: "Screw the other parks!"

We've shot Las Vegas about 4 times now, but they're getting so many parks we're still trying to keep up. We heard the parks were getting better, but what we found were new parks that weren't that great [they look like typical meager SoCAL designs...]. The big exception is this new park a lot of people call Pro Park [Off Cheyenne at Buffalo]. Whoa - LV now has a contender!

"Don't get me wrong, Bunker is the shit, Breeze is okay, but the new park in Vegas is the biggest, best, most bitchin' park in town."

- Barrakade: Jun '02

Upon first inspection, the lurkers here at SKATEparkLIST had mixed feelings about this one. Mark said that he thinks it's a bad concrete job. Ali was pissed about the gravel all over the park ["unrideable," was what he said]. But Geenoe, he thought it kicked ass. Other than a few parks in this country, it's hard to find creative elements and big walls - and this place has both. You may hangup on a rock or two, but now that you've got the pics, go decide for yourself!!!

Directions: From the strip, take the 15 north to the 95 [west/north???]. Continue on the 95 as it bends to the north, and exit Cheyenne, heading west. Traveling on Cheyenne, cross Tenaya and BEFORE you get to Buffalo, make a left [south] on Ronemus into a big recreation area. The actual skatepark is kinda hidden - lower than the rest of the park and to the east of Ronemus. It's right below one of the bathrooms... look around, you'll find it.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Okay, so maybe Pro Park has a
reputation of being a bike park. Maybe
the coping is a little sticky and chunked up.
Maybe you will end up with a handlebar stuck in
your neck - but look at those walls!!!

^ That hip is

^ All the Vegas
skateparks are
full of dirt, but
this one has gravel
the size of golf
balls, too.

^ Gnarly spine

^ That's a big ass roll-in, a transfer
line so you can grind across the top of
that hip, and that wall is the other side
of the vert extension you can see in the
panoramic picture above...

^ Did we mention this park is divided into
two sections? This is the "small"
part - basically a monster funbox on a downhill
lean, w/ flow on both sides.

^ This is the bottom
of the smaller section.
That path coming
down the hill is
littered w/ rails...

^ Speaking of rails - DAMN! Fun
box detail...

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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