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editor's note:
Sunny Springs Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Local flavor

Tsk, this park's just NOT that good. A lot of guys in Las Vegas love Sunny Springs skatepark, but it's really just "ehhh." It's free, it has some decent trannie, but it's lackluster and yawn-worthy, for the most part.

Vegas' first parks - say, pre-2001 - really sucked. Then they got a about 6 parks in one year... parks like this one, Bunker, the Desert Breeze remodel, Metro, etc. They're pretty fun, I guess [except Cenntenial - butcher job on every level]. Just another story of what could have been - 6 parks and still nothing to get stoked about. Add to these meager designs all the dirt/sand in the bowls, the lumpy pours, the blazing heat, and the BMX scene, and... not my favorite town to skate in.

Now Pro Park - a more recent project - that's a real effort! A park with a heartbeat. Why they didn't pump some of that attitude into some of these PG sleepers, I don't know.

Directions: From the "strip," head west, then north on highway 95. You'll travel for a while - crossing Lake Mead, Cheyenne, and the 215, before exiting at Sky Pointe Dr [we "think" that's what the exit is called] - just barely past the 215. Head east-ish on Sky Pointe to Tenaya, and make a left [north]. Cross Rome and Deer Springs, then make a left [west] on Elkhorn. A couple blocks later, make a right [north] on Buffalo. There's a big as park there, and the skatepark is in that park!

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ It looks pretty good from here,
and it's not exactly terrible,
but they could have done so much
more with all this concrete. And
they could have done a lot better
than "Sunny Springs" for a name, too.
Honestly, makes me want to puke.

^ Sure, it's
skateable... it's
just NOT inspiring.
"Love" the two inch
grinds on that fun

^ The cracks in the
concrete are the only
"exciting" thing about
this place... meager
design, confounded by
miserable construction.
Dumb and dumber.

^ Token handrail

^ Here's the "big boy bowl," children.
Round and simple, designed
to look like you stuck your
thumb in some concrete.

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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