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editor's note:
Boardsports Skatepark

EXTINCT: As of Fall 2000 this park no longer exists...

Deep in the heart of beautiful Long Island, NY, is a little park behind a boardsports store called, you guessed it, Boardsports. The antithesis of Van's mega parks, this is a rider owned and operated business in town called Patchogue.

We used to have trouble pronouncing this town's name. Our favorite version so far is "Patch Cock". We've been calling it that for about a year now, that is until our good friend Katie emailed us from Ronkonkoma to let us in on the translation.

"It's 'Patch-og'," Katie says. "The 'og' is like saying 'on' with a 'g' at the end." If you like that action, Katie tells us she can also help you w/ your Spanish homework! Muchos garcias, Amiguita.

We showed up on a day the park was closed, but the message included their home number, and one of the owners came down and opened up for us to shoot some footy. Cool guy. We understand this business was started by the oldest of three brothers. That's cool. Big props to a little park and the do-it-yourself-ers at Boardsports. Skateboarding is not a crime in Patch Cock!
...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ welcome to Boardsports -
skatepark and boardstore

^ left side of the mini...

^ the transitions on
the mini worry us
a little. could
be a bit steeper

^ ... and the right
side of the mini

^ Thanks to this guy
for letting us in to
get these fine photos

^ wide view

^ Boardsports gets
extreme w/ the vert
wall and roller

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