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editor's note:
The Park

EXTINCT: As of Aug '03 this park no longer exists...

"True skatepark on Long Island closed. First, they took down all the street course and put up an awesome mini ramp. Then they closed the park. Just so you guys know..."

- Joey Meyer: Aug '03

The following pics are of True Skatepark in Port Jefferson, on Long Island in New York state.

We owe credit for this review to a bunch of east coasters that kicked down various pics and info... To begin w/, check out the following thoughts from Don Pursel:

"11,000 sq ft. Beginner to Intermediate. Open all year. Must be spa member to skate. Future plans: Spring - half pipe, events... stay tuned. Skate camp July-August."

After we originally published this review, Heidi Lemmon from the Skatepark Association [SPAUSA] sent us some more info regarding the "membership" situation:

"First I'd like to say that TRUE is a good park! The kids love it and it is very busy. They must have over 1000 members now. [The SPAUSA] membership takes the liability of the skatepark. Instead of the park paying $5k to $20K per year in insurance, the kids join SPAUSA ($25 year under 18 and $32 year over 19 - JoMarie Yazak emailed to say that it's $40...). Part of the membership is that they carry liability insurance as well as medical. Each rider is responsible for their own liability."

Heidi also said that "there is another park - NewSkool [631.563.8330... Sayville] - that is a few miles from True and they are both under our program. So the kids can ride either park and the parks are covered."

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^ True Skatepark pic
submitted by Don Pursel

^ "When r my pics gonna go
on the site bro?" How about
now... does that work for you???
Ben Yazak "dropping in on the lip."

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