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editor's note:
Riverside Park

* Outdoor: metal / asphalt
* Pay park
* Vert + Street
* Rating: Did someone say Ripper-side???

New York City, baby... the city that has it all has a phat skate scene too. In addition to one of the greatest cities for street sessions, NYC has a couple of parks as well. There's a little park at Chelsea Piers, but Riverside Park could beat up Chelsea and takes its milk money any day.

It's not that Chelsea sucks, it's just that this place is kicks more ass than Charlie Chan.

In the interest of journalistic integrity, we should point out that we ran outta film and failed to get any picks of the 5' halfer in the back of the park - this place has got more sickness than a medical encyclopedia.

Wide open, located in a beautiful part of town, with mad stuff to hurt yourself on. Riverside is a good time waiting to happen.

Directions: The City is a Grid, streets run west to east, and avenues run south to north. Get to 108th Street, and take it west until it dead ends in Riverside Park. The Skatepark is just north of 108th Street, inside Riverside Park.
...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ welcome to the home of the
Big Apple's finest... Riverside Park

^ 411 on the scene

^ you have to look
around a little, the
course is down closer
to the water...

^ didn't "bombing" start
in NYC...???

^ we missed the
little 1/2er, but
here's the 8-10ftr

^ and over here
we have the vert

^ 1 of 2 clusters of

^ German kid on
vacation seshes the

^ staff member and
local hErO pops
over the fun box

^ here's that same
staff member opening
the place up

^ and to wrap it up, a little more
street culture for you hoodlums

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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