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editor's note:
Saratoga Springs

* Outdoor: Metal / Wood / Asphalt
* $10 per day [non-local rate]
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: I'll show you some "sparkling water!"

If you ever want to torture yourself, cruise around northeastern New York and TRY to find a decent skatepark - as of the summer of 2001 THERE WEREN'T ANY!!! It sucked. Saratoga Springs was our best find, and it's... well, not great.

UPDATE: "They tore down the vert ramp and replaced it with a real backyard pool. Most people will tell you its pretty burly - I like the word overwhelming. Its not to often that we get too skate real backyard pools in the great Northeast. Deep end is about 9 ft, maybe 10, with at least a foot o' vert, but real tight, no flat. Shallow end is about 4 ft, with about a foot of vert as well. Therefore, dropping in the shallow end can be the hardest part of the run!"

- Paul Puccio: Aug '03

We give this place a little bit of props for being built in 1989 and surviving thru to today, but that's about it. This is one of those public parks that's run/ruined by the city - working hard to make their park as shitty as possible.

Yeah, they have some ramps - but they're worked over. The bowl is a lumpy death trap. The riding surface is rough. Full pads are mandatory, as is the f**kin' waiver you have to have your mommy sign before you can ride. All that bullshit and they want $10 for the "privilege" [that's a quote from their lame rule sheet] to ride there. Whatever.

I wish I had someplace else to recommend in the area, but I don't. Rome NY has a beat up park... probably not even as good as this place. Saugerties NY has one of the most pitiful parks I've ever witnessed. Albany didn't have jack. Until we hear otherwise, our recommendation is to get the hell outta there and head toward New England. Nashua NH [for instance] is one of many great parks poppin' up in those states...

Directions: Coming from Albany, take route 87 north. When you get close to Saratoga, look for the route 29 turn off, heading west. Route 29 is the same thing as Lake St. The skatepark is in an athletic field near the intersection of Lake and Granger. Granger is just east of Ritchie Pl. As you're heading west, if you hit Nelson you've gone too far. For more info, call the park at 518.587.3555 x456.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ That bowl looks like
it just got its ass
kicked... Saratoga

^ Saratoga Springs skatepark
scores a pool! To my knowledge,
the list of PUBLIC parks with
true pools now includes Nashua NH,
the Dreamland pool at Donald OR, the
West Anaheim CA pool, and this park.
And yes, the vert ramp is gone.
[Photo: Paul Puccio]

^ Street action is
limited at best...

^ This line - looking
out of the bowl - is
the most tempting part
of this park.

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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