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editor's note:
SFX Skatepark

* Indoor: Woodie
* Pay: $6 per 2 hr sesh
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Indoe' Flow

Took us a while to get around to this one, but southwest NY has some indoor action worth checking out - Ghent NY is the home of SFX Skatepark.

After just one look at this park, I was like "Whoa - that's a SubUrban Rails park." SubUrban Rails [740.593.8145] is a skatepark company out of Ohio. This dude named Jeremy Stump works there, and he's a cool guy. They built this park in Mass called Rampage - looks a lot like this one. Their style reminds me of the guys that did the "whoopsticles" at the San Diego parks like Ollie House and the YMCA in Encinitas CA. A little on the small side, but endless fun - check it out!

"We have a new skatepark, opened in Nov '02. Indoor year-round. The SubUrban guys came highly recommended and didn't disappoint. Absolutely 1st quality. Regarding the design - they all skate, so we gave a lot of input and just let them go for it."

- Mary Ann Gazzola: Dec '02

Directions: 1131 Rt 9H, Ghent, NY 12075 Phone: ( 518) 822-8453

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Micro flow for those in
the know - SFX in Ghent.
[Photo: SKX skatepark]

^ Not the best action shot,
but you can see the coping is
set right... [Photo: SKX skatepark]

^ The total opposite of those
"built for bikes" parks...
this is custom skate terrain!
[Photo: SKX skatepark]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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