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editor's note:
Woodville Skatepark

* Indoor: Wood / 'Crete
* Pay: $10 per sesh
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Sportin' wood

This look at the indoor sessions at Woodville skatepark is brought to you by Ryck Zarick.

"A couple of miles from Toledo, OH. 40,000 sq ft. Indoor park for bikes, blades, and boards."

- Ryck: Oct '01

That's all we've got for you, really. If you're down to share the inside scoop, you know we'll take that submission when you're ready.

Directions: Northwood is in northern Ohio. Take Interstate 280 to Exit 4, and head east on Wallbridge Road. Make a left onto Highway 51, followed by a right onto Williston Road. The skatepark is in the mall. The address is 3725 Williston Road. For more info call the park direct at 419.698.5261.

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^ Big roll-ins on
that street course
[Photo: Woodville]

^ Fun box at Woodville
[Photo: Woodville]

^ Bankables
[Photo: Woodville]

^ Mini rampage
[Photo: Woodville]

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