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* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Hardcore hometown hangout

We rolled into Ashland late one Monday afternoon toward the end of our Summer Tour. It had been a paint-peeler of a hot day, but as the sun slipped behind the local mountains it was shaping up to be a perfect evening session, at a perfect little park, in a little town in southern Oregon.

As we busted out the cameras, the locals went completely nuts on us [or maybe they were already nuts???]. It's not that they wanted their purty-purty mouths captured on film. In fact, we can't say that they wanted anything to do w/ this humble site at all. We think that maybe they were just doing what's commonly known as "giving us the business." After about 3 hours of trash talking, interrogations from the fuzz, machine gun style progression of stupid questions, minors in possession, and large doses of shoeless skate-powered mayhem and general horseplay, we felt officially baptized by the park and Ashland's crazy scene.

The park looks kind of small, and rather tame, when compared to OR monsters like Newberg, Burnside, Roseburg, or nearby Medford. However, from the moment your wheels slap down on the 'crete, the contours rise up to meet you - and eventually beat you - until she's won your respect and affection. As if that's not enough, the riders maintain more sickness than a flu clinic. Ever seen a guy land a rodeo flip on a skateboard? We have, that same night in Ashland.

We should take a moment to pay tribute to build/design crew Airspeed Skateparks [503.791.4674]. The rumors are true, they built this place, and you can click-click yourself over to Jacksonville and Talent for more of their handiwork. They've even got a little cross-country concrete for you in Newburyport MA. Survey says... "bling bling." We want more, Airspeed, keep it coming!

Directions: From the I-5 in central OR [for instance], head south to Ashland and exit Valley View Rd., which turns into Main St and heads toward downtown. After a minute or two, you'll pass Church and Granite and make a left on Water St. Go through the little tunnel under the railroad tracks and the park will be on your right at the intersection of Water and Hersey. Yep, those directions are pretty good. Have fun.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Lucian welcomes you
to Ashland's
proving grounds

^ The Ashland bowl
has some very unique

^ Besides this sweet
air to fakie, this
kid landed 360s for
the first time that

^ Bang! Melon
grab off the hip

^ The 3ft mini bowl is
rather small for OR
standards, but the
spine was super fun

^ Lazy snake to
help keep the

^ We don't think
Nicole here
really liked us,
or our little
project, much at all

^ Dukes of Hazard
style... yehaw!

^ Billy Peterson,
riding for Recess
, w/ the
bs kgrind styles

^ Submit!

^ Here we have
Lucian and Officer
Po-Po discussing the
merits of the helmet
law. Bring your brain-

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