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editor's note:

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Vert / Trannie
* Rating: "Find it and grind it!"

Behold, the recently born Donald skatepark in OR.

It all started w/ this email from some guy named "SlimSk8r." All the message said was:

"Here is the newest..."

The *newest* huh? In a state that easily boasts the best collection of parks in the world , the "newest" is bound to be exciting. After all, Donald is just a few minutes from Newburg. It's also close to other kill parks from the Grindline posse [206.933.7915] such as Burnside and Aumsville. I thought to myself, "This new park was gonna be sweeee-eet!"

Looking at the pics he sent in [see below], I was both surprised and stoked. It's definitely the smallest skatepark I've ever seen, and at the same time, it looks fun as hell! Grindline has done it again: Baby steps on the concrete mini w/ the roller, ball-busting in the pool... perfect. It's a low budget grand slam.

I started to get pumped up and I emailed ole "Slim" and I was like: "Whoa! Where is that place? That's cool!"... His reply: "Find it and grind it!" Ha ha ha... if you've got *pics* you'd like to share, pls let us know!

Directions: From I-5 take the Donald/Aurora exit and head west. In about one mile, go south/left on Butteville Road. At the stop sign, go east/left on Main St. The park is next to the railroad tracks.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Overview of Donald...
that's it!

^ Thanks again to SlimSk8r
for these pics!

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