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editor's note:
Eugene - Cal Young

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Well, it's not Euge!

Euge = huge... like the Brits talk? They drop that "h?" Get it? It's not actually funny at all, so if you're not laughing you probably get it. Anyway...

It's not the biggest/best park in Oregon - that's true - but it's not bad. And despite the heat in Eugene, there was a small motley crew of hellions spitting and flippin' around the park the day we rolled up.

Here's what you've got: A long flat rail and a few ledges. A typical "pyramid to fill up that spot in the center" layout - but the flow *does* work. Rounding out the park are some not-so-typical features like a nice 7 ft [I'm guessing on the height] corner hit and some rounded corners/hits complete w/ coping... those features keep this park from looking like a SoCAL-inspired kiddie park that only a soccer mom could love. This park is better than that.

For some skateparks worth waking up early for [this *is* Oregon, right!] you might have to drive a little. Closest banger that we know of is Roseburg [2 hours south?]. There's a new super-kill park in Redmond to the east near Bend. Further south you've got the "golden triangle" of Medford, Talent, and Ashland. Northern Oregon has too many great rides to mention, but you could take a look at Aumsville [south of Salem] for a good start on a great time...

Directions: In Eugene, take Interstate 5 to Beltline Highway west. Take the Coburg Road exit and head north. Make a left [west] onto Crescent Avenue. Make another left [south] onto Gilham Road. In the southeast corner of the Crescent/Gilham intersection is the skatepark - on Cal Young Middle School property.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Wide eye view
of Eugene's
Cal Young park

^ Big poppa off
da pyramid, yo!

^ Here's a good
look at those...
"bowled corners," I
dunno... what the hell
*do* you call those things?

^ I actually got
this guy's name:
Mr Matt McKinnon
stickin' tail to
'crete and rail

^ Indi-grab from early
off one of the rounded

^ Boardslideables

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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