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* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Snakerun...
* Rating: Weak sauce!

These kinds of parks are always tough to review... You know that a lot of sessions have gone down in a spot like this. You know that someone out there calls this park "home." That's why it's hard to come out and say that Amazon is terrible...

It has nothing and what is does have is in pretty bad shape. Someone added that extension and I'm not sure the park is really any better for it - I think it's some of the roughest masonry work I've ever seen. And in the middle of Oregon - otherwise known as Utopia for park freaks - this park is an especially poor showing of what the state has to offer.

[This review would be less negative if I had some rah-rah history to talk about... anyone want to kick down some ancient wisdom - we're all ears!]

For *real* Oregon parks worth getting sweaty for, check some of the following... From north to south you've got Burnside, Newberg, Aumsville, Roseburg, Medford, Talent, and Ashland. That's just a few... You've also got a couple of great rides in Eugene besides this park. Check out Cal Young and another *killer* park that I don't have pics of yet. Go get 'em.

Directions: From Interstate 5 exit E. 30th Avenue and head west. Stay on 30th for almost two miles. Drive through the Hilyard Street intersection. After the Hilyard intersection, E. 30th will bend north and become Amazon Parkway. Turn right [east] onto 29th Avenue, and find a parking spot. The skatepark is on the east side of Amazon creek.

...scroll down for pics

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^ That's it. Eugene's Amazon
in full Technicolor brilliance...

^ I hear this extension
was done all renegade
style... it's a good

^ Pretty big shadow
on that coping. This
big girl is rough all

^ Gravity?

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