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editor's note:
Lincoln City

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: "This park will eat little kids!"

Behold the elusive Lincoln City. The rest of this review isn't actually from us here at SPL. We're just the "liquor store" on this one. Delivering the goods. The "party favors" comes to you from Oregon loc Jered Bogli. He's got the hook up. And now [viva los Beastie Boys] we're gonna pass the miiiiiiiiiic, to Jered, come on and do anything you like!

"A damn fine park built by the Dreamland artists. There is a little 4ft bowl up top that flows downward past a spine, a few little pump bumps/hips, then around a corner into a deeper section with the roll-in and a vert wall, flow through here into the DEEP circular bowl with a super punk vert wall which is surfaced with some kind of slate or flagstone - RAD! The coping is super nice, big and beefy, you know when you're locked in. Like all Dreamland parks, there are a ton of lines and more transfer lines then you could imagine. There is a little "kids" area off to the left, which is needed because this park will eat little kids - the park is pretty tight and super fast! It also gets pretty crazy if you get a few people going speed-line style and using the whole park."

Big ups to Dreamland for inspiring a generation of concrete conquistadors. If you like this kind of punishment, you know we've got more for you: Burnside, Newberg, Aumsville, ahhhhhh dat. And for more Bogli-isms, peep the directions below!

Directions: "Located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, take 99 West from the 5 freeway. Go through Newberg [and stop to skate?] to highway 18 which will get you to Lincoln City. At highway 101 you'll head south. Follow the road through strip mall heaven, past Sambo's, until you see the Dairy Queen on your left. Make a left at that light and up the hill right past the baseball diamonds there is a left. Take that left and the next right and there is the park!!!"

Whoa! Looking at a map didn't make us feel any better about these directions. Just for clarity, we called Dairy Queen and they're located at 2224 NE Highway 101 [541.994.2925]. They said something about a church surrounded by trees, but... you'll find it!

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Weirdo flat pictures
of Lincoln City
- shot during construction -
submitted by PoolFam
[thanks, Pool!]

^ Here are some more
recent shots of the park
featuring Aaron Herrington
[Photo: Anne Herrington...
that's a great shot!]

^ Aaron, here, has some
serious street skills too!
[Photo: Anne Herrington]

^ Black and whites courtesy
of Jered Bogli

^ "Dudes, add these to
the pics from Lincoln City."
Okay - we will!
[Submitted by PoolFam]

^ "Enjoy!!!"
[Submitted by PoolFam]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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