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editor's note:

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Flibbity flow!

Medford is one of the world's ultimate flow parks. One push and you can hit wall after hit after roll-in until you pass out or puke. Born in May '00, this is what little skateparks want to be when they get all grows up.

The Pacific Northwest has been credited w/ being the new epicenter of skatepark culture, and with parks like Medford it's easy to see why. This park is part of Southern Oregon's 4-pack of concrete fantasies, including Ashland, Talent, and Jacksonville. Other OR dream parks include Newburg, Roseburg, and Portland's Burnside, to name just a few...

You can find some completely worthy video coverage of OR parks in videos like the pool-focused "Fruit of the Vine," skatepark tour footage in "Leaving Plastic, and Thrasher's "Scorchin' Summer" - all of which will make you itch to skate from the moment you press "play."

Directions: To get to this park, you want to take Interstate 5 to Medford, exit Barnett road (exit #27), and head east. In less than a mile, turn left onto Highland Drive. The park is just down the road on the left in Bear Creek Park next to the Siskiyou Cemetery.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Medford, ya heard!

^ Nick Talaski
has killer early
grab skills

^ Dory Ably rockin'
the Halloween stelo
w/ this invert

^ This guy's got
more pop than 7-11

^ This wide angle series
was submitted by WA ripper
and all around good guy,
Emil Hillding - thanks bro!

^ Sometimes greatness
is in the details -
the classic parking block

^ Rails and ledges
add that certain, Je
ne sais pas, to the
hessian playground

^ Perfect example:
This section of
the snake run has
traditional metal pipe
coping, pool coping,
and a square concrete
edge at the hip... now
*that* is attention to

^ "This is a pic of me,
Brent Emmingham [age 38],
at the Medford Skatepark,
shredding my vintage Tony
Hawk pig board."
[Rider: Brent Emmingham]

^ Dory w/ a
indi from the
deep end of the
combi pool

^ Pads recommended,
but helmets are

^ Dale!

^ Unlikely, yet
interesting, skate

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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