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editor's note:
Myrtle Point

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Vert / Trannie / ???
* Rating: "Mellow Country Scene"

"Mrytle" sounds like the name of some old granny born at the turn of the century.... but there's nothing "senior citizen" about this pic of Myrtle Point. In fact, one look at this park and I bet old Myrtle's jaw would drop open and her wooden teeth would hit the ground:

"There is a new skatepark in Myrtle Point Oregon that recently opened... It's a mellow country scene with a ten foot bowl to challenge the mightiest."

- Richard Hinkel: May '02

Directions: Myrtle Point is pretty close to the coast, in the middle of Oregon. From the 5 and 101 freeways, take Highway 42 west toward Coos Bay and Myrtle Point. As you get closer to Myrtle, the highway will bend north. Once you get into town, make a left [west] on Spruce [2nd light?]. Continue along for 5 blocks to Lenhnerr Park [north side of the street]. The park should be on your right.

...scroll down for pics

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^ Ah, dude! Killer layback,
5-oh to tail at Myrtle Point.
[Photo: Robert Hinkel]

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