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editor's note:

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Left Coast's finest!

We were hanging out in Beaverton, OR, just talking about sweet parks when someone brought up Newberg. "Have you seen the 'volcano' at Newberg?" When we said we'd never been there, one young poet declared, "You're gonna shit a brick when you see that place." He was right. Not only did I promptly shit myself, but after riding the park I went all wide-eyed and preceded to babble endlessly for a few days about how "f#@$ing excellent" this park is. In this editor's humble opinion, there is no better park on the whole of the West Coast.

Flow, flow, flow. One push and you could conceivably hit every wall in the park by just pumping from hit to wall to bowl, etc. While this park tends to draw a pretty serious crowd, it's HUGE and it was built by local experts so it rides like gravy on mash potatoes. Yum yum, baby.

Update: Since our last update we received some great input from Northwest locals. We've added three fantastic black and white shots submitted by Emil Hillding. We also received the following input from Joseph Brown:

"I am writing in regard to the Newberg park in Oregon. The park cost $300,000 and started from the kids getting together and confronting the city. A lot of the Burnside crew helped design/build it. They have their own skatepark building company 'Dreamland Designs'..."

Thanks to both of you for your input.

Directions: Newberg is located southwest of Portland off the 99 West. We took the 5 to the Tualatin/Sherwood exit heading west and hooked up w/ the 99 - also heading west. The 99 West becomes "Portland Rd" as it gets into Newberg. The road splits and veers off to become Hancock - which is a one way street. Keep heading west on Hancock until you come to Blaine [about 1 mi - look for RR tracks], at which point turn left. Cross 1st, 2nd, etc., past 9th and Blaine becomes a little dirt road that will roll right up to the park.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ It just goes on, and on,
and on... by the way, the
deep end would be right below
you in this pic - it's burly!

^ Huge pop, submitted
by Emil Hillding

^ Here's Emil's shot
of the capsule in the
deep end of the park

^ Tweaked Indi, also
shot by Emil

^ Here's a scene from
an OG contest that
was happening one
night in Sep'00

^ This is the
wall that was
inspired by

^ The bowl has one
wall designed for
an easier landing
as you air into it

^ You can actually
pump this rail for

^ The now famous
Volcano... the top
8in will spin if
you give it a push

^ Steve - up and

^ The shallow end
connects to a little
snake run in the
forground of this

^ Nice qtr

^ Double w/ a rail

^ Look for multiple
coping variations -
all color coded

^ The "deep end" has
a serious over-vert

^ Here's a top-down
view from the

^ Cross course view

^ submit!

^ BMX action too

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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