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editor's note:
Port Orford Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Oververt / Vert / Trannie
* Rating: "So scary, but so fun."

Every heard of "Rattenberg?" Even though you'll probably never ride that park, it's a legend, and this park is a mini tribute to that Austrian trend setter... The crew, once again that would be Dreamland Skateparks [503.577.5929]. The park, this time it's Port Orford, Oregon. Just another beast in the northeast!

"The little end is about 7 ft. The deep is 10 or 11 ft with tons of vert. The hip is great, the concrete is FLAWLESS!!!!!!!! The Cradle is absolutely insane - so scary, but so fun. Even without the cradle, this park would be killer."

"Two local kids told me that after the first weeks, nobody ever skates here - too bad, the park is perfect. Once again, a park that pushes design and the ability of the riders!"

- Jered Bogli: Oct '02

Yep, these Dreamland guys [and Grindline and Airspeed, as well] put together some freaky shit. This is no romper room, white bread, PTA-inspired slop. This is gnarly, big country booyah. What more? Check out the "classics", like Burnside and Newberg, or more creative thinking in projects like the fullpipe in Hailey ID, and the over-the-bowl craziness at Brookings. Damn good work from these guys.

Directions: Port Orford is on the coast of OR, not too far north of the CA border on the 101. You might try taking the 5 to the 42 west - near Roseberg. You'll pass thru Myrtle Point on your way to the coast. Then west on 42-S, then south on 101. Once you get to Port Orford... "ask anyone in this tiny town and they will tell you where the park is."

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ If you're looking for handrails and
knee-high ledges, look elsewhere...
Port Orford is like a spiked
punch bowl. Gnarly - with plenty for
everyone. [Photo: Jered Bogli]

^ OR local, Aaron Herrington, works the
cradle like a halfpipe. To get
the full effect, though, you want
carve into it, going past vertical,
using the speed from those big
walls to pin you to the ceiling
as you rip through the dome. This
monster is more like a loop than
a fullpipe. [Photo: Anne Herrington]

^ That "hip" that Jered mentioned
in his review - see text above - that's
it in the middle of this shot.
[Photo: Jered Bogli]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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