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* Outdoor: 'Crete [covered]
* Free
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Mo' do-it-yourself than HomeDepot

Update: Check this out...

"Checked your site - appreciate the props. Thanks for representing us correctly."

"We jack hammered and rebuilt entire sections of the park last week. The rain and humidity of this weekend and week will ensure the curing of the new sections will be solid. Burnside is being rebuilt, maintaining its layout integrity whereever it makes sense [goodbye capsule], adding enhancements whereever necessary. Corners are now Newberg-style fast, trannies and hips getting smooth and dangerous."

- Kent Dahlgren: Oct' 01

Where do we start w/ this place? The original renegade skatepark, Burnside is *big time* and has earned a nearly mythical slot in skatepunk history. Hand built by locals over the last ten years, the park is definitely a little rough around the edges, but even in light of the recent skatepark boom, it's still a world class spot... chip on its shoulder or not!

One of the most common rumors about this place is the *no bullshit* reputation that flies like a flag above this park. We've heard tons of stories that all end with "...or you'll get your ass kicked!" Burnside's neighborhood, its riders, and the park itself all maintain a mystique of punishment to anyone that thinks they're gonna roll in and own the place. Grommit, soccer mom or mad man, our advice to you: 1.) Go early to avoid crowds and attitude, 2.) Bikers and bladers should especially watch their step, skateboarders built/rule this place, and 3.) Leave your attitude at home, out-a-towners w/ big mouths don't last too long at the Burnside.

If you want to "warm up" a little before you take on Portland's ever-rowdy little gem, Burnside's just a short drive from a grip of kill-kill parks, including Newberg, Beaverton, Tualatin, St. Helens, and WA's Vancouver skatepark.

You don't have to look too far to find even more Burnside hoopla. To begin w/ there's that video game we're all addicted to, the countless 'zine articles from various tours that pass through Portland, and of course, the awe-inspiring video footage of the natives in action. Videos worth mentioning include crazy shit from "Whiskey 3", Thrasher's "Scorchin' Summer", and the incredible concrete classic, "Fruit of the Vine".

Finally, we'd like to drop a few names we've heard associated w/ this park during our continuing Burnside education. We hear we all owe our thanks to the original crew, including Red, Monk, Brett, Osage and Kent. We also hear that some of these guys have started a skatepark construction company called Dreamland Skateparks [(503) 577-5929], creators of Newberg, Lincoln City, Aumsville, etc. Our friend Sam Willis says a hairball ass-kicker named Caz [seen the Natural Concepts "green acres ghetto gap" ad?!?] rides this park. Another guy named Choppy gets mentioned now and again also [check that "Whiskey 3" clip]. Our apologies to anyone we missed, and to the Burnside Crew, much respect!

As always, if you think we need to be straightened out here on any of this, pls email us and we'll post the truth as it beats us over the head.

Directions: The park is located under the east end of the Burnside Bridge [which spans the Willamette River] in Portland. Our directions aren't perfect, but here goes: From I-5 take any exit you can find just *north* of the intersection of I-5 and I-84 [we don't have a solid street to suggest, but maybe try Broadway]. From there head east to Martin Luther King Jr Blvd [maybe two blocks] and hang a right [south]. Cross over Burnside St and take a right on SE Ankeny [west, toward the river]. Two blocks later you'll hit SE 2nd and you're pretty much there. Have fun and be careful, the rumors about the drug addicts, etc. are true...

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[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Burnside: Hardcore,
skater-built, parkriders'
battle ground

^ Parking blocks
melt into the

^ New-school fun
box in the middle
of an old school

^ The area this guy
is standing on is
part of a 20ft
section of over-vert

^ Wide shot of the
concrete playground

^ Jason Willford - seen
here on that benihana -
says Chet Clem is an

^ The "death bowl",
complete w/ pool

^ Crazy ass, organic

^ The Whiskey 3
video has footage of
Choppy airing from the
spine here to the roller
on the left...

^ Guys drop in from
the very top of that
back wall

^ Sweet hesh hit
on the corner of
the little bowl

^ There are spine
on two sides of
the bowl

^ In some places
the construction
is rougher than
others... check the
"flat" coping

^ Named after the
bridge that shelters
the park

^ Not completely
lawless, the city
does keep an eye on
the park

^ Have you ever
seen a sign like this?!?

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