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* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Northeast concrete feast

Roseburg is in a funny spot in Oregon. To the north you've got Burnside, Newburg, Aumsville, Lincoln City, Salem, etc. To the south you've got the "Golden Triangle" of Talent, Medford and Ashland. Then there's Rosey... all by herself. Just beggin' for you to pull off the freeway and tear yourself into little pieces. She's a bruiser, but she's got more curves than a late night session on CINEMAX.

Last summer on the ole' summer tour we hit over 100 skateparks in the western US. We had a grip of sessions, but the Roseburg session really stood out. These kids are hardcore and they were literally *killing* themselves in the death or glory fashion that makes skateboarding the kickass culture it is today. "Yip, yip - yehaw!" "Giittit Maaaax!" Redneck, hessian thrown downs. I'll never forget it. Much respect out to the scene in the northwest and big ups to the Roseburg rippers for layin' it on the line.

Directions: Roseburg is about 70 miles south of Eugene on Interstate 5. Take Interstate 5 south to exit 125. Head west, and then make a left at Fred Myer. The skatepark is in Stewart Park, across from a duck pond or something.

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^ Uh-huh. Yep,
that's right.
Tony Landeros
cruisin' thru...

^ Ultimate rules in
effect: Pads are not
required, no bikes, and
no prison fencing!!!
That's as good as it
gets, right there

^ Jeremiah McCarthy
w/ the how-to lesson
on hang time

^ This pic came from
Jeremiah himself and
he said that the pic
"...might be placed in
our chamber of commerce
tourist guide book, yo!!!"
Thanks, bro...

^ Max "Gittit" Smoot
with the thrill of
victory... 2 ft off the
top of a 4 ft pyramid

^ Kris Anderson
bench ollie off
the pyramid

^ ...and the agony
of defeat. Max
*lives* the logic,
"Go big or go home!"
F**k yeah, killer!

^ Robert George -
two first names
makes him go twice
as high!

^ Kris [in a crazy
shot] bustin'
off the flyout

^ Top-down view
of Kris killin'
a bs melon grab

^ One last shot
of Jeremiah on
some International
benihana -ish!

^ A little skatepark

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