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editor's note:

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: More bikes than Hong Kong

The day we shot Talent was a 100+ degrees and windlessly sticky. We wanted to score some skate pics for y'all, but no dice. The only riding this park saw that afternoon was some BMX kids and the occasional scoot-scoot.

Actually, we hear that this is the most "bike friendly" skatepark in southern Oregon. Ashland reportedly allows bikes, but skaters and inline guys "have priority" [who's supposed to enforce that?]. Medford doesn't allow bikes at all. That pretty much leaves Talent w/ the reputation among the locals as a "bike park."

As the epicenter of great skateparks these days, OR has innumerous other noteworthy parks you should check out when you can. A few significant bangers include Newberg, Burnside, and Lincoln City.

Accolades and whoop-whoops out to Airspeed Skateparks [503.791.4674] for the great design on this one. Oregon locals and road trippers know that you've got more punishment waiting for you at Jacksonville and Ashland - both in southern Oregon. East coasters in Newburyport MA share the Airspeed stoke - they scored their own "Oregon park" in the summer 2001!

Directions: Talent is just off the 5 freeway between the towns of Medford and Ashland as you head south. From the 5, exit West Valley View Rd and head west. About a mile up the road, turn left [south] on Talent Ave, then right [west again] on Wagner St. About 2-3 blocks along Wagner, you'll find the park behind the US Post Office.

...scroll down for pics

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^ Baking in the Sep
sun, Talent skatepark

^ Hits and rollers

^ Cross park view

^ Rail for the
tech dogs

^ With more options than a
single woman in Alaska,
the big wall is ready to
beat you up and take your
lunch money

^ Ready for the
big time, this
spine separates the
two big bowls

^ Take that stinky,
yesterday, skate
bonnet out of the
trunk and put it on!

^ Those white high-
lights are weird
"craters"... looks
like acid burned
holes in the bottom
of the bowl?!?

^ Where the skaters

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